10 Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business

10 Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business

It’s fantastic news. You now have an additional marketing channel through which you can engage with your customers.

However, if you’ve never used Snapchat before and aren’t sure how to apply it to your business, this may be intimidating or confusing.

You’re in luck, fortunately. I’ll show you how to use Snapchat for business in the top 10 ways.

1. Update your story on a regular basis.

Make sure your Snapchat account is active after you’ve created it. The best way to do this is to update your story on a daily basis with new content.

After 24 hours, anything you post on Snapchat will vanish. Posting new content on a regular basis will keep your brand fresh in your followers’ minds.

Just be careful not to overdo it. It’s ineffective to post 20 times in one day.

This is due to the fact that people will skim over your posts. Depending on how many people a Snapchat user follows, they will have a lot of stories to watch each day.

However, this does not imply that they will watch every single post in its entirety.

According to a Snaplytics study, once users reach the fourth snap of a narrative, their engagement drops by 36%. They also determined that your post will be seen by around 80% of your followers 4 to 5 hours after it is posted to your story.

What does this imply for you personally?

According to these figures, I propose updating your Snapchat story three times every day, every four or five hours.

This will keep your followers engaged and prevent them from passing over your information.

2. Use other marketing platforms to promote your Snapchat account.

You’ll need followers for your Snapchat approach to be effective. Rather than attempting to generate followers from thin air, try focusing on users who follow your company’s profiles on other platforms.

This is critical for you, especially if you’ve recently launched a Snapchat account for your business. Unless you inform them, no one will know you have an account.

You can advertise it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts in addition to Instagram. This marketing can also be incorporated into your YouTube videos.

Tell your email list to follow you on Snapchat, and promote it on your website as well.

The more channels you advertise it on, the more likely you are to gain additional followers.

Save all of your Snapchat ideas in one location across all of your document applications.

3. Make a lens that is sponsored.

Snapchat filters and lenses are extremely popular.

Sponsored filters are anticipated to be seen by 16 million people per day. People can use these filters to take more imaginative images.

Snapchat offers a plethora of them built right into the app. Users can make their selfies black and white, use a filter to make their eyes excessively wide, or make their noses disappear instead of posting a standard selfie.

Some video snap filters can even alter the pitch of your voice.

All of these were built with the intention of increasing user enjoyment. They’ll send a snap with one of these filters to their friends since it’s fun and often amusing.

Businesses, on the other hand, can now create a sponsored filter. This method was adopted by Gatorade during Super Bowl 50, and it proved to be one of the most successful Snapchat advertisements ever.

If you’ve ever watched the Super Bowl, you’re aware that it’s customary for the winning coach to get doused in Gatorade by the players. So, during the game, Gatorade designed a sponsored filter that simulated Gatorade being dumped on the user’s head.

The filter was viewed over 165 million times and raised purchase intent by 8%.

Here’s another Taco Bell example to demonstrate you how these filters work:

As you can see, the filters themselves are amusing, but also help you raise brand recognition and engagement.

The main drawback to this method is that it is costly. If you want to make a filter for a holiday or a major event like the Super Bowl, you’ll need to budget between $100,000 and $750,000.

Your filter will be active for 24 hours at that price. However, if you can afford it, the payoff might be enormous.

224 million people have seen the Taco Bell filter above. Before sharing the lens with friends, the typical user spent 24 seconds experimenting with it.

4. Allow social media influencers to take control of your account.

Social proof is another wonderful approach to gain more followers and enhance engagement.

Celebrities and other influencers already have a sizable social media following. Make the most of it.

Allowing someone else to take over your Snapchat account allows you to reach a far larger audience. Some of these folks may not even be aware that your organization exists until they hear about it from an influencer.

Unless you have some form of other mutual agreement or similar interest in whatever you’re advertising, you may need to pay the influencer to accomplish this.

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5. Make discounts and promotional codes available.

Are you stumped as to what to include in your Instagram story?

If you’re not sure what to say, give your followers something they can utilize. Send out Snapchat discounts and other promotional offers.

This method will also assist you in increasing sales and conversions. KIND used this strategy to offer a 15% discount to their Snapchat followers.
Keep your company’s overall goal in mind when you’re posting on Snapchat. Don’t get carried away with all the other gimmicks.

You want to make money.

Discounts are an excellent way to accomplish this.

6. Switch to a different account

We previously discussed allowing someone else to take over your Snapchat account. Another good technique is to take control of another account.

When someone else takes over your account, you’ll have to rely on that person’s followers to add you on Snapchat in order for them to see your stuff.

When you take over an account, though, the audience will not be required to do anything. It will be your responsibility to persuade them to follow your brand.

Make sure your content is interesting to read.

Even if they don’t add your Snapchat account, you’ll be able to reach a new audience and raise brand recognition.

7. Get the word out about a new product.

Keep your fans informed about any great news from your company. It’s always worth mentioning when a new product is released.

Even if your product hasn’t been published yet, you may create buzz and anticipation so that when it is, people will be ready.

Here’s something you should think about. How frequently do people come to your website? I’m ready to wager that your ordinary customer isn’t monitoring your site for updates on a daily basis.

They do, however, check Snapchat on a daily basis.

The fact that you’re promoting a new product launch on your website doesn’t guarantee that consumers will see it. That is why you must utilize other marketing platforms.

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8. Interact with your followers.

Uploading content to your Snapchat story should take up the majority of your Snapchat approach. That isn’t the only way to interact with your audience, though.

Followers can leave comments on your article and send you direct messages.

Everyone can see whether you’re replying to followers on other social networking networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

On Snapchat, though, just you and the person who sent the message can see if you’re responding. As a result, it’s simple for businesses to dismiss Snapchat remarks.

Nonetheless, you should make an attempt to respond to your fans.

A user will feel unique if they receive a personalized answer from a brand. Ignoring their message demonstrates that you are uninterested in what they have to say.

Customers stop using a brand if they don’t believe the company cares about them, according to 68 percent of customers.

Simply responding to those private messages can help you avoid this.

9. Share stuff that is relevant.

Your photos shouldn’t just be pictures of your products. You can use this platform to demonstrate to your audience that your company is knowledgeable on a variety of issues.

You could discuss charities or any other aspect of your company’s social participation.

10. Make a public announcement about a forthcoming event

Inform your target audience if your company is hosting or attending a conference or event.

You may even try to convince your followers to come and show their support, depending on the type of event.

After watching a similar event on a live video stream, 67 percent of people are more likely to buy tickets to that event.

While Snapchat isn’t strictly a live video platform, it comes close. You can expect a similar percentage of people to be interested in the event.

Overall, you want to ensure that your Snapchat marketing plan benefits your company. You want to increase sales as well as increase brand recognition.

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