‘Why Are You Interested in The Position Offered’ Questions


‘Why Are You Interested in The Position Offered’ Questions

In order to land our dream work, interviews are required, and training for these interviews is essential to landing these jobs. Why are you interested in the role offered? If this question has ever been thrown at you in a work interview, you can understand how tricky it is. A question that has acted as a barrier to most people.

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Occasionally, after taking a while, most people answer these questions and some skip the main points required by the interviewers. Whatever situation you’ve figured out of the two illustrated, don’t feel bad because I’ve been there before. It’s not going to be easy to describe how I felt then because that was the basic test that stopped me from landing the work.

Well, an experience they claim is the best instructor, I will assist you in addressing this type of issue with hints and advice, so you can avoid any kind of disappointment and land your dream work.

First of all, the first thing you need to know is that prospective employers love to see the proactive nature of applicants, they just expect you to have done a fast but thorough study of the company, its activities, and some other relevant information.

In all interviews, the most common question is: “Why are you interested in this job offer?” So if you have been hampered by this issue, then you have come across the right post, as we will explore the best ways to address this kind of issue, highlighting case scenarios.


Construct Your Answer

In constructing the best answer to this type of question, it is crucial to consider these four points;

Ø  Show that you understand the job description

Ø  Sell yourself as a good match.

Ø  Most importantly, highlight what you are bringing to the table, what the company stands to gain by hiring you.

Ø  Avoid short and lazy answers like ‘because it’s a great company’

With the four points highlighted above, you can prove that you’ve made your research about the company and this will be the basis for your response to the question. Let us now show you examples of responses based on categories:

Explain Your Interest

Sample response 1:

I made a research and I read your annual report, your plans for the future stated therein intrigued me. I was specifically amazed by the plan of implementing emerging technologies and I’d love to be a part of this project.

Sample response 2:

I was checking through your website when I saw the recent additions to your executive team, quick research on these names shows they have the best reputation in the industry. The opportunity to learn from and work alongside these creative minds to help promote the company is what I don’t want to miss.

Sample response 3:

I have been impressed with the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility, I know that sustainable growth is what the company is very particular about from my research.

Being a Good Fit

For his category of response, you may be required to provide some examples of your skills, knowledge, and experience. So this might need a talk. However, these are good examples to consider.

Sample Response 1:

My extensive background in corporate communications is what makes me a good fit for this job. I am also interested because I am certain I will make an immediate impact. After all, the challenge of applying my writing skills in the social media arena is enticing.

Sample Response 2:

The challenge of using my sales background in an industry that is predicted to be flat over the coming years interests me. I’d make it my goal to show positive growth, regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the industry.

Sample Response 3:

In my previous employment as an HR executive, I’ve handled several mergers, and I fully understand what the challenges are. I love being able to help companies through the uncertainty that a merger brings and seeing them come out stronger on the other side.

Demonstrate your value

The last category of responses which is a crucial aspect of getting your job is demonstrating your value. The company/firm has to be aware of what you are bringing to the table. They want someone who can guarantee the company stability, efficiency, and commitment. Below are some answers you can give.

Sample Response 1:

As mentioned in the job description, I am extremely interested in this job as a Human Resources Manager. As indicated, I would be responsible for recruiting, orientation, and training.

In my previous employment, I was responsible for these functions. As Human Resources Assistant Manager at ABC Company, I headed a recruitment tram that hired over 100 employees and led training for all the new staff.

I am interested in this job because it would allow me to continue to develop my expertise in these areas and bring in my wealth of experience in the recruitment exercise.”

Sample Response 2:

“I am interested in this job as a programmer because I am proficient in the languages specified in the job listing. Also, as specified, I love the challenge of learning and excelling at new technologies.

I have already learned and mastered programs and languages including Python and Java. So the opportunity to learn more and apply them to the development of the company is what I want.

I am also a creative problem solver, and have developed that skill as an analyst over the past ten years.”

Sample Response 3:

“I am interested in this job as a special education teacher because your school’s mission and values are in line with my belief. I love to focus on the unique needs of the individual child.

Working as a special education teacher for the past six years, I have developed strategies for achieving academic and personal success for children, and I look forward to bringing these strategies to your school.

In my recent employment, I developed a system that enables the school administration to keep regular contact with the parents of my students and this has helped with problem-solving issues. I would love to continue this kind of communication here.”

To further buttress your point and make your answer more powerful, you can add numbers to emphasize the kind of impact you had with this strategy in your previous job. You might notice that all three instances use specific examples and provide numerical evidence, and professional skills that the candidate has gained from previous experiences. Interviewers, value experience as this proves that you have what they want and can deliver.

Ask Yourself Questions:

Now, those are the major things you can do to answer the general questions but now we will move to the personal questions, these are questions you should ask yourself

To answer these questions efficiently, you will need to give it some thought in advance. You may need to get your notepad out and start brainstorming some self-directed questions that may come your way like:

Ø  What do you like about this company and why?

Ø  What can you say the company is famous for?

Ø  Does it have a reputation for something, for example product, industry development, company culture?

Ø  Does the firm value or provide resources for employee development?

Ø  Do you know the goals of the company, if yes, what are you bringing in to help them achieve these goals.

When you practice these questions and know the right answer to give, they will help you with any form of a personal question that may come your way during the interview

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

We have highlighted and discussed sample questions and answers to give during your interview, bow let us tell you what to avoid during the interview session.

Ø  Avoid following replies, this is to help you keep your cool because if you go unprepared or lose your focus and concentration because of nerves, it might be difficult to improvise on the spot.

Ø  Always avoid generic answers that apply to just any company

Ø  Avoid answers that directly show you’ve not done any research.

Ø  Avoid confusing the employing with questions that make them wonder why you were interested in the job in the first place.


Note: Try to figure out the best answer during an interview that represents what the interviewer is trying to find out, and ensure that you develop a concise and constructive response.

Don’t be afraid, in addition to anything mentioned earlier, if the interviewer can sense your anxiety that they can simply prey on that and that could influence you throughout the interview process.

Be assured, you’ve seen the job listing and before applying, you consider yourself eligible. Show them confidence, then. The majority of people in their dream jobs have landed this alone.

I believe this guide has been immensely helpful in providing you with ideas on how to prepare for your job interview and perform well.

Thank you for reading, good luck in your search for your dream job and don’t forget to share with your friends this guide.

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