JAMB CBT App – Post UTME Practice Mobile Application 2023

Do you know that you can pass your JAMB, UTME, and WAEC examination by being constantly glued to your phone? Shocked and in doubt? Get the JAMB CBT app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iafsawii.scholarsinfojamb

Read on as I explain this marvelous concept.

Technology has made it quite easy to carry out 40% of our activities online, using our phones to perform various tasks effortlessly.

Note: Get for CBT Practice App for PC here: https://cbtpracticeapp.com/jamb2023.exe

The advantageous side of being constantly on your phone is the ability to perform various tasks with it, including studying. Now, here’s where I introduce JAMB Utme Practice, an offline application that enables you to study JAMB, Post-Utme, and other forms of examination with ease and pass exceptionally well. => Click here to get the app

Have you tried once, twice, thrice to pass Jamb but find it hard to score the required cut-off mark to gain admission into your choice of University?

Are you determined to ace your papers but do not have the proper tools to help you study much better with ease?

JAMB Utme Practice CBT app guarantees you passing your examination and passing exceptionally well. The application has all the tools and features to adequately prepare you to ace your papers.

With JAMB Utme Practice App, failure is not an option.
If I had sooner known this application existed years ago, when I wrote my jamb and post-UTME, I’m certain I would have passed more than I did.

The alluring features embedded in this application will not only make reading easy but fun. Studying school books and having fun while at it is a strange concept that is hard to come by.

However, the JAMB UTME practice Application guarantees studying your books with ease and passing well while at it.

One of Jamb Utme Practice’s outstanding features is the avenue it gives you to access questions without internet/data connection.

This means that you can study and answer questions in the app without having to put your data on. The application does not consume data. So you won’t have to worry about exhausting your data. With an accurate estimation of 18,835 offline questions, acing your paper is guaranteed.

Merits of Studying with Jamb UTME Practice

The Jamb Utme Practice is installed on your phone. So, your phone is a portable device that can be carried about means that you are invariably carrying over eighteen thousand past questions about with ease.

The mobility this affords you means that you can study your past questions wherever you please. You do not need to carry tons of materials about. Jamb Post Utme practice makes studying simple and easy.

This application also has several features thoughtfully included to make studying and memorization become a walk in the park for you.

Some of these features include:

The ability to search for specific past questions much more easily. This beats rifling through the bulky last question compilations to look for specific questions.
Performance Analysis: Gives you insightful analysis on the mock questions you take on the application. This means that the app keeps tap of your progress and lets you in on how well you are doing. Knowing how well you have done gives you the silent encouragement to keep pushing.

Did you perform below average the first time? Seeing and knowing the level of your Preparedness will push you to do much more better next time.

Did you perform exceptionally well? You can keep that winning streak going by studying even more!

UTME Literature: Would like to reiterate that Jamb Utme Practice was created to make studying easy and seamless for you. This is because JUP has the recommended literature textbooks pointedly summarized for applicants who would like to read them but find it difficult to purchase the books in books stores.

This will also assist those who find it difficult to read the actual bulky version of this recommended literature to be better prepared for it.

UTME Challenge: Another fun aspect of Jamb Utme Practice is the avenue it gives you to compete online with other candidates in real-time. This can be very challenging and fun. And the wonderful aspect is the fun prices allocated to winners at the end of each section.
A mock trial is one of the best ways of preparing for the examination. This is will help you Gauge the speedy way you have been able to answer questions, you will note your weak points and restrategize to do better next time.

Competing with your peers is a great motivation boost. This is because you would want to top the chart, and this longing to become the best will propel you to study your past questions diligently.
You can compete with other contenders at any time. In so far as they also are online. Competing also with other aspirants will help you learn better.

Career Guide: Jamb Utme Practice is not just invested in seeing you ace your papers. Their thoughtful considerations go beyond seeing you get high scores and gain admission into any university of your choice. Jamb Utme Practice are with you even after you have gained admission. Encouraging and giving you useful information about your course of study and career path. A career guide gives you helpful tips on what your course of study entails. The responsibilities that come with your choice of study, as well as the skills you should have.

It also does not fail to mention employment opportunities in your chosen field. This will help you ascertain what to look for while in school, and how to go about choosing careers that suitably align with the course you had studied in school.
This particular feature is very helpful and not just particular to aspiring students alone. It can also help students already in Universities to better prepare themselves for the responsibilities and expectations that lie ahead.

School Finder: Have you been seeking to find other federal universities in Nigeria outside your state? Jamb Utme Practice has the “School Finder” feature that helps you find reputable Nigerian Universities you can apply to. You will be given so many options to chose from!

Dictionary: Everything you need to make reading/studying seamless is readily made available on Jamb Utme Practice so that you do not just pass, but pass exceptionally well. Find meaning to words you have encountered in the course of reading with the dictionary displayed on the Jamb Utme application. Logging out to Google certain words you do not understand will absolutely not be necessary.

Offline Virtual Assistant: Here, a virtual assistant helps you in navigating through the app much more easily. Helping you find the meaning of words. Assist you in the proper subject combination that suitably aligns with your proposed course of study. Helps you solve mathematics and play games.

Activate: Activation Key is a 12-Character code that unlocks all the features on this app. Your activation key is your license to use this application without restriction. Sadly, if you do not purchase your activation key, you cannot enjoy the many features highlighted in this article.

An activation key is unique to each device, this means that if you need to activate two devices, you will need to purchase two activation keys. You can buy an activation key if you do not have one.

There is an option to buy an “Activation Key” by paying online with a card or bank. And also by bank transfer or bank deposit. Here’s what our users have to say! If this does not clear the doubts and skepticism you have about our CBT training, then I don’t know what else will!

Here are a few reviews we had from users who had downloaded and used the application and then get positive results from their adequate use of the application. A lot of them have long since gotten admission and are studying their dream courses in their preferred Universities. Their reality isn’t a mirage. You can also achieve this with our CBT application.
Time is of the essence. Download it now and start training immediately. The sky won’t be your limit!




Conclusion: There’s a difference between passing and passing exceptionally well. You can pass but not well enough to gain admission into the University of your choice which will push you further down to considering your second choice Federal Institution or Polytechnic.

You can also pass but not well enough to study your most preferred course in the University. Departments in Universities have their own cut-off marks that candidates should score before they can be given express admission to study the course they had Registered for. That’s not passing well, having to settle for courses not initially ones you had Registered for is a big blow.

Passing well means that you have aced your papers and have gained express admission not just into the University, but have been enlisted and welcomed to study your choice of course in the University you had chosen. This difference is what Jamb UTME Practice guarantees you. No mediocrity. No average. Passing exceptionally well, with flying colors. Simply acing your papers.

Academic excellence is a huge boost to your confidence and self-esteem. Knowing you did it yourself. Seeing how capable you are. And how much your hard work and adequate Preparedness had paid off.

Disclaimer: Note that having this application installed and readily available on your phone does not guarantee automatic examination success. What will push you to that level of achievement is your level of Preparedness and absolute utilization of the application.
You have to study the available past questions consistently and memorize names, dates, and terms. Your success will spill from your hard work and intense study.

When you have adequately prepared yourself for your examination and passed well, you will not be the only one just choosing your preferred institution of study. These institutions will as well choose you by giving you the admission you earned. This level of examination success is what Jamb Utme Practice App guarantees you.

Feeling motivated and ready to tackle your forthcoming examination but wondering how to get the application? It’s easy
Go to Google Play Store. Type “Jamb Utme Practice” in the search bar. Several other CBT applications will be displayed. Ensure that you specifically download the one titled; “2023 Jamb UTME CBT Practice App” with the brand “Efukikata Efet” displayed beneath.

It takes less than a minute to download. Once downloaded and installed, you can purchase your activation key.
Here are answers to questions you have had concerning Jamb and the date of form issuance.

Is the 2023 Jamb Form out?

No, the JAMB form for 2022/2023 has not yet been issued. According to the JAMB Registrar, the Board will declare the start date for the selling of application documents for the 2022/2023 Academic Session on March 24, 2023.


Is NIN a compulsory requirement for JAMB Registration?

Yes. Registering to get your National Identity card which will display your NIN is a compulsory procedure for your Jamb Registration. You will not be able to move further in your Jamb registration process if you do not get this done. Now would be the perfect time to get that done. You do not have to wait until the form is officially released to scramble amidst the throngs of other aspirants to register.


Wondering where to register?

You can register to have your National Identity Number done at Federal Secretariat in your state or their main office if located in your state. Accredited centers for registration also include banks like Zenith Bank or Keystone Bank. Visit any of their branches for further inquiries.

Are there any requirements for registration?

Initially, there was no requirement for registration. But they’ve recently introduced bringing credentials like your birth certificate that solidifies your authenticity. They need to be sure that you are not doing it by proxy. So, you can go with the photocopy of your birth certificate. Most centers might not be strict about it. But you can carry it just in case.

How to Buy a JAMB Application Form

Three thousand five hundred naira (N3, 500) is the registration fee. A total of N500 is paid for the reading text “Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi for UTME candidates and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A. H. Mohammed for DE candidates, as well as $20 for candidates from the eight foreign centers.

A CD containing the JAMB eSyllabus, eBrochure, and other important documents is also provided for free.
Candidates should be mindful that ePINS are special to each candidate’s profile and are not transferable.

Candidates are urged to keep their security information, such as registration numbers, passwords/numbers for ATM cards, email addresses, and ePINs, as private and confidential as possible. No center has the authority to ask for or approve a candidate’s password.


Kindly drop comments or questions below. We are here to help you have the outcome of the 2023 JAMB examination. Again, click here to get the app on your phone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iafsawii.scholarsinfojamb. Make hay while the sun shines and remember that Noah the ark builder did not build the ark in just one day. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (5P).

We will be waiting for your comments in the box below.





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