Messenger Keeps Crashing, Fix it


Messenger Keeps Crashing, Fix it: Have you noticed that anytime you launch your Facebook messenger, shortly after it closes and the message “Unfortunately, messenger has stopped working” is displayed on the screen of your android phone? This means the application has force close for certain reason which you don’t know. This article deals with error encountered while accessing Facebook messenger and what exactly caused it together with the possible solutions to fix the problem but remember, not all the problems can be solved here, some requires a visit to an engineer or the manufacturer.

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This problem might have occurred due several reasons such as outdated device software, outdated app or other minor technical error. For instance, below is a message sent out by a Facebook user;

“Guys, I really need your help, I can no longer access my Facebook friends via messenger because every time I tried to launch the application, it displays a message box which reads ‘Unfortunately, messenger has stopped.’ My recent update was the only alteration to the device, so I don’t know why it keeps displaying the message. I believe you guy can help me get a solution to this. Thanks”

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Here is a possible solution based on the problem said in the above message, anyone with similar problem should just follow up the procedures below;

Try to update your Facebook messenger

Check out from Google play store if your application is up to date, if there are upgrade available for Facebook messenger, then maybe that is where the problem is coming from. But after upgrading and the problem still persist, then read the 2nd tasks to do

Simply reset the application

Reset the application by clearing the cache and other information on the app settings, by doing this, you’re bringing the app to its default stage as if it has just being installed. To reset an app; go to “application settings” and then to “application supervisor”, select “all” to reveal all the applications on your device where you now search for the app you want to reset (in this case the facebook messenger app), then select clear cache to delete the cache documents then finally select contact clear to clear information like messages, login info, settings etc. Note: your messages will be automatically restored as soon as you login to your account. Try to launch the app again to see if the problem still persist.

Uninstall and download the app

Due to the fact that the app is not part of the device’s default app, it’s possible to uninstall totally from the device and download another one from the various stores. To do this, simply follow these steps; go to the “application settings” then “application supervisor”, locate the damaged app from all the list of app on the device, then select “uninstall”. The app will be removed from your device. To download a new app, visit the google play store and search the app, click on it and then install. Launch the app and try to login again with your details, if the problem still persist then it’s time to clear up some app

Reboot your device to clear running apps

It’s is very possible that the actions of other running applications is the cause of the problem. To stop these apps from running in the backgrioung, you have to reboot your device. To do this, first switch off your device, then hold down the power button together with the volume down button. Your device will reboot to a safe mode, press the volume down or up to scroll down or up then the power button for action. Select “reboot”. This will then switch on your device, try open the app, if it persist then you do the final step

Check out: Login Facebook Homepage

Do a master reset

Master reset is to bring the device back to its default settings, this remove all information data and apps. To do this, switch off your device, then hold down the power button together with the volume down button, when your device reboot to the safe mode, using the volume down button scroll to “reset” and press the power button to enter. It then ask if you are sure you want to delete all your data, using the power button, choose YES. When completed, you then click on reboot which switch on the device.

I hope this was helpful to detect messenger problem and also fix it. Kindly share this article.

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