Write To Earn Money Online in this Lockdown

Gist9ja will reward you for contributing to www.buzzfeedng.com.

How to Start Contributing

Gist9ja will offer points for any performed activity e.g creating a topic and commenting on existing topics.


  • 5 Points for registration.
  • 100 Points for any researched topic that is above 500 words.
  • 50 Points for any topic with less than 500 words.
  • 1 Point for any comment you make on any post.


How to redeem your points

When you accumulate points to a particular threshold you should let the admin know by filling this form.

You can either request for cash transfer into your bank account or airtime transfer to your phone.
If you need a cash transfer, please put your account details.
If you need the airtime, kindly put your phone number.


  • Airtime would be awarded when you gather at least 100 points
  • Cash transfer would be awarded for 1000points and above.

You can create a topic on any topic that interests you.

Topics created would be screened for typographical errors and plagiarism.

However, if you choose to rewrite content from any website kindly make a reference to the source at the bottom of the post. (Please do not copy word for word).

Please also try not to abuse this as irrelevant topics would be deleted.

How to start – Registration (5 Points)

To register, enter your Gmail email address below (If you don’t have, kindly create one).

Now, go back to your Gmail inbox and accept the invitation. (If you can’t find the invitation, check back in an hour time).
Happy Earning!!!

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