How To Find Who Is looking At Your Facebook Profile

You have been wondering how you can catch those that viewed your Facebook profile. Although, Facebook refuses to show you what you want to see due to their privacy agreement which they don’t want to break. But because of several reasons attached, like parent/guidance watching you, friends stalking you, old buddies looking everywhere for you and so on, you have to continue asking the questions nonstop. Congratulations, because you have finally visited the right guide to catching those that viewed your Facebook profile, below are the steps to take for your wishes to be fulfilled.

Many Facebook users have been wondering if it is possible to know those stalkers checking out there Facebook profile, well, Facebook didn’t add up that feature to its website or application but read on to know how to go about it.

Your reasons to know those checking out your profile might be one of the following

  • Just curiosity, human are naturally curious and want to know things that are beyond their physical eye
  • Parent stalking: children especially teenagers may want to know if any of their parents are watching their activities on Facebook
  • Gain more friends: getting to know those that checked your profile on Facebook will enable a closer relationship among certain Facebook users.

All these and many more are the simple reasons this question is being asked time without numbers on Facebook. The simple answer to this question is “no, you cannot know those that viewed your profile on Facebook.”

So, no matter what your reasons are, it is clear that Facebook does not want its users to know those who are checking out their profile, it is stated in the help facilities page that “Facebook does not provide a platform that makes you track who is viewing your profile.” This is because Facebook respects its user’s privacy terms and will not engage in any activity that will break such terms. If one could view those individuals stalking them on Facebook, then the privacy agreement has been breached.

Facebook understands that this action might induce conflict on various individuals around the world. After checking out a profile but refuse to send a friend request, a disagreement might arise when such a person gets to know that I checked his/her profile and didn’t receive a friend request. Meanwhile, the Facebook platform was not created to start up conflict but a strong and lasting friendship.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to check out those viewing your profile on Facebook, the real answer to your various questions is “you cannot view those checking out your profile on Facebook.” There are various third-party applications that claim to show you all your stalkers, but most of them are fake, all it does is bring up some of your friends and mutual friends randomly and present them as your stalkers, I say again “Most are fake.”

In order to protect your Facebook account from unwanted viewers, Facebook has created a platform to show/hide your profile, posts, images or videos from a particular set of customized people; it’s called personal privacy setup. By going to your account settings and clicking on personal privacy setup, from here, you can decide those that view your profile in the three options which are;

  • Everyone implying that a Facebook user who wishes to view it has full access to it.
  • Mutual friends imply the friend of your Facebook friends and lastly
  • Friends only, i.e. those that have become your Facebook friends by accepting your friend’s request or you accept theirs.

So, for those inquisitive Facebook users out there wanting to know those that viewed their profile, below are the ways to do that;


A Google Chrome extension known as profile visitor is able to allow you view those that checked your profile only on one condition, which is; those who viewed your profile must also be using this Google chrome expansion. To make it work, you can as well inform your buddies to make use of the expansion called profile visitor. To acquire this, follow the basic steps below

  • Install using chrome browser, a profile visitor for Facebook by following this link
  • Then log in to your Facebook account using the google chrome browser
  • You will notice a visitor’s tab added to the friend’s tab above the page, when clicked, it will display the list of those using profile visitor that viewed your Facebook profile.

Note that profile visitor functions best when you invite lots of people to use it; therefore, it’s better to start inviting your friends to use this nice Google chrome expansion.

Another method that can be used to view those that checked your profile on Facebook is using the manual approach, to do this, follow these steps carefully;

  • Go to your Facebook timeline and copy the URL
  • Right-click, the mouse on the browser and select “view page resources” where a page with JavaScript code is displayed
  • Press ctrl+F on the keyboard, a box will appear at the top of the page showing a list of numbers. These numbers represent the ID of those that checked your profile, copy these numbers
  • Then on your browser, paste them in front of Facebook URL, ie”the number you copied” and enter.
  • The first set of ID shows the name of those that checked your Facebook profile recently while the last set is those that never checked your profile at all.

Keep in mind: Those IDs are the names of your Facebook stalkers, if they are more than one, then the first is the person who views your FB Profile the most while the second is your second stalker and in that order till the last ID.

Now that you have known how to check those who viewed your profile, I hope you won’t continue using all those third-party applications that use the opportunity to steal your account details.

Facebook itself has answered this question in its help center, stating that “Facebook does not give a functionality that enables you to track those seeing your account.” But many Facebook users still search for other means to bypass this and find a solution to their curiosity.

Facebook didn’t include such functions because of the privacy policy agreement which exists between it and its users. This agreement would be breached suppose such functions are available on Facebook.

Some third parties applications claim to do this function for Facebook users with certain conditions, but I’m pleased to inform you that they are all fake, they only bring up some of your friend’s names and display them as those that checked your profile on Facebook. Kindly ignore when you see all these adverts of apps that will show you those checking your profile.

If you are worried about being a spy on or people stacking you, then the best thing to do is tightening up your Facebook account; there are personal privacy setup existing on Facebook which enables users to control the extent to which people see their page/post. By controlling those that can view your page, you reduce the risked of being stacked or spied on.

So, instead of searching for the various trick to view those that checked your profile on Facebook, why not tighten your Facebook account and control those that can even view your page.


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