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  1. I can’t unblock Jacqui Winkel from Waterloo Iowa you make it sound easy Ive unblock her many times and then go to her fb site and there is no friend request that I can hit? Talking to her and she says she can’t even find me on fb?

    1. Is he on your block list? If yes, have you tried blocking him? what’s the error message? I will love to help, so please lemme know me how to help you unblock Jimmie Colosomo.

      Another way to check if Jimmie is on your block list is to follow this link: https://web.facebook.com/settings?tab=blocking – this will take you directly to where you can find and unblock your friend Jimmie

  2. My Friend of 5 years going to gather has Me blocked on His New Page but on the old page shows Me has His Friend we can though message each other on both. He claims FB took off some of His friends He massaged Me we have had no problems so I feel like He isn’t being up front with Me it shows My kids on His page but I went on daughters page His picture is there but where they normaly say friend or not it is blank on his new page I don’t want not to believe Him but I feel He isn’t being up front with Me if that is the case no trust no relationship I’m don’t want to end it but he better not be giving me a line.

    1. Hello Linda, I’m sorry to hear that you are having this issue with your Facebook account. Facebook, like any other website, can have a glitch from time to time. If your friend had blocked you on a new account, you wouldn’t even be able to see his profile nor the children’s pictures from the new account.

      As for the friend button that can’t be found on his page, call him via phone to send you a request. Some people intentionally hide the friend’s request button.


  3. There has always been a list of ‘friends’ on the left side of the screen by the memories but this has disappeared this week anthough I can fo to my daughters FB account and it shows that I have her listed on the list for my family. Any suggestions?

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