How to View Blocked List & Unblock Friends On Facebook


How to View Blocked List and Unblock Friends On Facebook

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How to View My Facebook blocked list to Unblock Friends

Blocking a friend or other users on Facebook might be the only remedy to trim down unwanted posts and comments. There are several reasons why blocking others is paramount. Reasons you may wish to block someone on Facem may stem from continuous disagreement or fight between you, and it’s fast becoming tense. It can also be a result of you avoiding to become friend with someone or prevent friends from becoming enemies. Whatever the reason may be, this post teaches you how to block a blocked friend on Facebook. Follow the approach below to block a friend

I have had to block several weirdos and creeps on my Facebook account in the previous years, including one of my ex who just wouldn’t stop bothering my life. Now I would like to review the list. How to see who I have blocked on Facebook?

It sounds like you have had more adventures on Facebook than a lot of people, particularly the creepy stalker. Again, I know several people who have problems with a friend or two. Or should we say “friend” in quotes since, if they’re creepy and bothering you, they’re probably not real friends, right? The social media platform overall has forced us to redefine this whole concept of friendship. Now, your friends on Facebook are just as likely to live about 2500 miles far from you as they are to be down your street.

On a website where users often share confidential information about their real lives issues, it’s also a good ground for creepy users to be. Well, creepy pals, paying so much interest to others instead of focusing on their individual lives.

Hence, Facebook is one of many social media platforms where there is a necessity for users to have a permanent block button to stop creeps from tracking you, checking what you post, commenting on your photos or even from mailing you. Facebook took out time explaining this vital nuance and the process too:

Note that blocking is reciprocal, so you also won’t be able to do things like start a conversation with blocked users nor add them as a Facebook friend. Have in mind that blocking people may not prevent all communications or interactions such as in apps or groups and only affects your Facebook experience, not anywhere else on the in.


It turns out that with the recent Facebook redesign, it’s surprisingly easy to see who is on your FB block list.

Step one, search for the icons on the top right-hand side of your own Facebook page.

Any page:

facebook nav bar, right side

See the tiny padlock icon with the lines adjacent to it? That’s the menu you want; it’s Facebook privacy and security.

Navigate the cursor over it, and a menu will pop up.

privacy and security menu

It’s the third option you needed.

Click on the one that says, “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” and it will expand with more information:

blocked user list fb

There you have it. It’s right there! Click or tap on “View All Blocked Users,” and it then shows you, everyone, you have blocked in the past:

users people blocked on facebook

Yes, as you can see, I have blocked Caliban, Desiree, and Suhaimi. All of them were blocked because of unnecessary spamming activities.

To give a blocked user a second chance, all you need to do is click “Unblock,” and they are no longer blocked from seeing whatever you post or share to the public domain.

How to View My blocked list & Unblock People/FB Friends on Facebook – Link

The quickest way to view all your blocked friends is to access it from this link

Public? What about being Facebook friends? Nope, not really. Here is how the Facebook team explains it:

NB: Removing someone from the block list will not restore the friend connections automatically. If you had blocked a friend and later removed that friend from your list of block people, you will need to send them a recent friend request.

I do hope that this guide was helpful?


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  1. I can’t unblock Jacqui Winkel from Waterloo Iowa you make it sound easy Ive unblock her many times and then go to her fb site and there is no friend request that I can hit? Talking to her and she says she can’t even find me on fb?

    • Is he on your block list? If yes, have you tried blocking him? what’s the error message? I will love to help, so please lemme know me how to help you unblock Jimmie Colosomo.

      Another way to check if Jimmie is on your block list is to follow this link: – this will take you directly to where you can find and unblock your friend Jimmie

  2. My Friend of 5 years going to gather has Me blocked on His New Page but on the old page shows Me has His Friend we can though message each other on both. He claims FB took off some of His friends He massaged Me we have had no problems so I feel like He isn’t being up front with Me it shows My kids on His page but I went on daughters page His picture is there but where they normaly say friend or not it is blank on his new page I don’t want not to believe Him but I feel He isn’t being up front with Me if that is the case no trust no relationship I’m don’t want to end it but he better not be giving me a line.

    • Hello Linda, I’m sorry to hear that you are having this issue with your Facebook account. Facebook, like any other website, can have a glitch from time to time. If your friend had blocked you on a new account, you wouldn’t even be able to see his profile nor the children’s pictures from the new account.

      As for the friend button that can’t be found on his page, call him via phone to send you a request. Some people intentionally hide the friend’s request button.


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