Can You Sell on Facebook Groups, Pages, Timeline & Marketplace?

Can you sell on Facebook? This is one of the many popular questions that we have been asked by Facebook users who follow our blog updates. Continue reading as this question would be addressed in this article and we believe you get understanding as to how buying and selling stuff works via Facebook.

People frequently ask “can you sell on Facebook”. the direct answer is a “Yes” you can sell on Facebook with no doubt and there are several ways you can do that. To be real with you, selling on Facebook is no longer a new thing as it is practiced in so many places and is the fastest way to generate funds by buying and selling.


Since that has been cleared, now, how can you sell on Facebook? Well, let’s help you answer this question so you won’t just know that you can sell on Facebook and not know how it is done. At least you might want to learn some procedures too right?

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Continue reading below;


How Can You Sell on Facebook?

There are actually several ways to start selling on Facebook other than the newly launched Facebook marketplace which I may not be new to some but may have incomplete access to it for some reasons or you are looking for more alternatives. However, we are only going to discuss a few. These few are selling on Facebook selling pages, Facebook selling groups, your Facebook timeline, and your Facebook friend timeline.


How Can You Sell on Facebook Groups?

Selling on Facebook group is actually easy to go about if you follow the right steps and criteria. The first to consider is to find the group on which they sell. Once you find the group, follow the group and go to the group home page. Also, some groups review the post first before they are allowed. Anyways, to sell on Facebook groups;


  • Get to the Facebook group home page.
  • Click on the dialog box indicating you should add a post or on start selling something if you find it. You are normally supposed to find these icons right after the group cover photo.
  • Add the item you have for sale description and the price you wish to sell it.
  • Lastly, add some photos to best describe your product and click on the post icon.

That is it, everybody on the group will get alerted that you have posted an item for sale.


How Can You Sell on Facebook Pages?

Just like the group selling, Selling on Facebook Page is also not difficult. It has the same with the process of which you can start selling on groups. To post items for sale on Facebook pages;

  • Get to the Facebook page home do this, find the page using the search bar and click on it from the result.
  • Click on the dialog box indicating you should add a post or on start selling something if you find it.
  • Add the item you have for sale description and the price of which you want to sell it.
  •  Add some photos to best describe your product and click on the post icon.


That is it. However most times, these pages are not quite effective like the groups but you are also bound to get results.


How Can You Sell on Facebook Timeline?


Selling on Timeline is actually the simplest step I will ever have to show you because you must be already familiar with this step. To do this;


  • Log in to your Facebook account using the official Facebook site.
  • From your newsfeed or your timeline which you can visit by clicking your name, click on the rectangular dialog box of which indicates you can add or post something there. This box normally has your profile picture attached to the left of it.
  • Add the item you have for sale description into it and add your price if you desire so.
  • Add some pictures concerning the item you have for sale, then click on the post icon.


There you go; it is as easy as that.




If you are a business person, Facebook page, group, the Facebook marketplace, and your timeline can help you amplify your marketing experience.  However you look at it, there is nothing to lose if you try and it doesn’t work. Just don’t be scared to make a move as the result could be life-transforming.

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