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How to See Your Facebook Pokes – View “Pokes” on Facebook App


Are you interested in knowing how to see pokes on Facebook app 2019or has someone instructed you to type in your browser so you can locate and check pokes on your Facebook Android, iPhone, tablet or PC devices.

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We prepared this tutorial to show our esteemed readers: How to view pokes on Facebook app Android, Send Facebook poke, How to poke on Facebook app as well as how to see who poked them on Facebook mobile app – so if you are set, we are ready to go!

Going through Psafe website, I came across this tutorial that really will help you see all pending pokes sent to you and so I borrowed a few excerpt from them. I hope it will be of an immersed help to you on your quest to finding your missing poke button.


Herein this short article, you’ll learn about pokes and also find out if anyone has been poking you lately on your FB Mobile


What’s Facebook Poke?

Like every other Facebook features, The FB poke function allows users get attention of others in its own unique way.

For many people, poking someone is just a harmless flirtation, and an expression of interest. The person you’ve poked will know you’re interested in some way, but nothing beyond that. They might respond, they might not. But, regardless, poking was a surefire way for a user to let their interest be known!


As Facebook grew, the poking function became more bothersome than useful, until the Facebook “poke” reached an almost ironic, cutesy stage, where people would “poke” each other for the sake of being funny. While we don’t know what sort of social status poking someone holds these days, we can tell you that the poking function has been relegated to the world of Facebook apps, which many people rarely check.


Ways to Check Your Pokes on Facebook

If you’re looking to check your Facebook pokes, the first option is to open the Facebook app, and go all the way to the bottom of the screen, where you can click the “More” button. Then, go to the “Apps” button, and click again. Unless Pokes is one of your more frequently used apps, this is where it will appear. If you tend to use the app frequently, it may appear on the list of options when you initially click “More,” maybe even showing up next to one of Facebook’s more favored apps right now, “On This Day.”

Once found, click the Pokes app, and there you are—you’ll be able to see who has poked you recently, whom you’ve poked, and Facebook’s suggestions for who you should poke! For example, if you look at a friend’s page often, the Poke app will probably suggest you give this person a quick “poke.”

The second way to check your pokes is to simply go to the search bar at the top of the Facebook Mobile app, and type in “Pokes.” This should take you to the app itself, which will offer you the same options as the method described above.


Ultimately, if you are very keen to finding your pokes which includes; suggested and pending pokes, you need to login to Facebook through the traditional web browser either on mobile phone or on your laptop PC.

Next, open a new tab and follow this address or type in followed by forward slash (/) pokes as shown in this link


Things to note about pokes

  • You are not allowed to poke someone more than once. Except the person pokes back (You can start a poke war with friends by poking back each time they poke you – that was one of the fun of it until Facebook decided to silently remove it from our easy-reach)
  • Not everyones privacy settings allows friends that are out of their circle to poke them (e.g. friends of friends can poke you)



Have you been poking someone lately? While some users may find this feature downright obnoxious, other users may still find it sweet, or even flirtatious! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below let others see what you think of Facebook pokes!

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