Facebook Logout Android

How To Logout of Facebook Account - Facebook Logout Android

How To Logout of FB Account – Facebook Logout Android

Before you login successfully into your Facebook account, keep in mind that someday you need to log out too. If that day has come, there are two ways you can use in logging out of your FB account. The first one is simple, but the second one will require that you go through Facebook settings before you can fully log out of all devices that you’ve used to access FB.

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Now, depending on the reasons you want to logout, you might consider to log out a (1) particular device or (2) All devices that have been used to access your Facebook account.

How To Logout of Facebook Account – FB Logout Android

To log out from your current device, click on the V-like drop down and select “Logout” at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page.

How Do I Log out of My Facebook Account?

That’s all!

Advance Facebook Logout

The Where You’re Logged In section of your Security and Login Settings shows you a list of devices and browsers that have been used to log in to your FB account recently. Each entry includes the date, time, and approximate location when logging in, as well as the type of device used to access your account.


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To log out of Facebook on another computer, phone, or tablet:

  • Go to your Facebook Security and Login Settings
  • Click on the Where You’re Logged In section
  • Find the session you want to end and click End Activity

Clicking End Activity will immediately log you off of FB on that computer, phone, or tablet.

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