How to Create New Facebook Account

How to Create New Facebook Account | Facebook Sign Up

Social networks over the years have become an integrated part of human lives where millions of people depend on it to derive daily information and connect with other millions. Facebook is one of these social networking sites and is regarded as the fastest-growing amidst them. With over a hundred new accounts being created daily, Facebook is definitely climbing to its peak.

A big thumbs up to the active programmers who are working day in day out to make sure this site continues to have user-friendly features that make our everyday lives easy. The rise has even been boosted with the introduction of the mobile app, the world has gone mobile, and Facebook has gone viral with the mobile innovation, which permits anyone to utilize it at any time in any location without any form of restrictions. So, if you are thinking of starting up your personal account, here is the right place to visit. With the simple procedure that will be discussed in this guide, you can have your own Facebook account within a couple of minutes, make sure you read till the end.

Sign Up New Facebook Account Now

You’ve heard those many amazing revelations about Facebook, and you wish to have your own personal FB account, don’t stress, here is an article that will teach you how to sign up on Facebook with detailed step to step guide. All that is required is an email address or mobile or phone number as these two are the primary prerequisites for creating a Facebook account. Those two are extremely important to sign up on Facebook because all necessary information is sent into this email address or phone number, including the verification code.

Steps to Sign up Facebook Account

First thing to you need to do is to navigate to the official Facebook webpage by clicking or tapping on this URL “” which will take you to the FB sign in page, but remember you never had an account, so click on sign up button instead, and then the sign-up page will be displayed.

  • Provide personal information

At the sign-up page, you will need to type in your names as you would like it to appear. Usually, the name field includes your first and last name. Next, enter your email address and a very strong password, be sure to use the combination of symbols, letters, and digits for your password to be strong. Next, select your date of birth starting with the day, later the month and finally the year. Select your gender and finally click or tap on “Create Account.”

  • Confirm email

A code will automatically be sent to the email address or phone number you used in signing up, all you have to do is to sign in to your email and access the code you received and paste it to the space provided at the Facebook homepage, then your email or phone number will be confirmed. This is to verify if you are indeed the original owner of the email account or phone number dropped.

  • Search friends

After a successfull account creation, you can now search for friends. The process of finding friends can be done with the onscreen instruction assistance, or you can choose to do it yourself by searching for your friend’s username or names you know them with. Facebook can assist you by using your email address or mobile number to search for likely friends directly from your phone or email contact and suggest them for you to add as friends.

  • Provide profile information

After getting some friends to request sent out, the next thing you have to do is to organize your FB account by providing necessary profile information such as the name of the school, college or university, places, workplace, residence address, hometown and so on. You can as well skip this section and come back to it later.

  • Choose hobby

Here you select your likes and things you will love to see on your timeline, pages, music’s, news, etc. This step is actually important as it will be used to suggest friends for you, suggest events and a way to attract friends with similar interests.

  • Upload a photo

Now you have to choose a photo from your device or take a picture with your device camera and upload it. This photo you just uploded will serve as your profile photo which is seen alongside your name whenever anyone viewed your profile; you will also be required to upload a cover photo, No much explanation for this feature except that I know it helps beautify one’s profile. This is just like a background or wallpaper in your room!

Step by Step outline to Create Facebook Account


From any web browser either on your PC or on your mobile device, type in

Once the FB page is fully loaded, tap on the “create new account link” and fill in the details below as they are required to sign up an account.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. E-mail address or phone number.
  4. Your Password.

Ensure you read what is required to enter into each field as some of these fields require its respective characters, some demand just alphabets, some demand alphanumeric and some just demand numbers alone with a certain number of characters.

There are tips that may help the novelty users, for example, is not expected of a new user to use a very strong password that can be difficult to recall, this does not imply that you use a simple password, but ensure you use a password that can be remembered easily. The email or phone number should also be a working and available one. After filling these details, choose sex/gender and simply click the “signup” or “Create Account” button as seen on the page.

In summary,

  • Visit the Facebook site
  • Following the URL above will lead you to the Facebook login page, click on “sign-up” just below the “forget password.”
  • Input all the required information such as your email address or phone number, name, password, and date of birth. After click “register.”
  • Then, finally you are now on Facebook, but Facebook requires you to confirm your email account as soon as possible, to do this;
  • Click on “confirm now.”
  • Then a five-digit code will be sent to your email account, log in to your account to get the code.
  • Input the acquired code into the box provided on your Facebook page and click on “confirm.”

And that is all; you can now enjoy all of Facebook’s services and connect to other Facebook users both far and near, you have successfully created your Facebook account.

Now that you have set up your account on Facebook, it is time to wait for those friends’ requests you sent out to be accepted and have people to chat with, view your activities, view theirs and comment on each other’s posts.

The next step is to learn how to login whenever you want to re-access your account.


If you always login to Facebook through a web browser, then it is likely it logs you out automatically after closing the app, or if you wish to access your Facebook account from another application altogether, you may need to log in again, so we will take you through how you can easily log in your account now:

  • Visit the Facebook website at
  • To the top right-hand side of the page, you will notice two fields in blue background
  • The first one states Email address or Phone number. This is where you will input your email address or phone number depending on what you used to register
  • The second field indicates the password. Enter your password here, remember, it is case sensitive
  • Click on “log in.”

If those requirements were confirmed to be accurate, you would be directed straight to your Facebook account profile where you can now view your friends and check up on your family members anywhere, anytime.

Now you know how to log in with a web browser, we will show you how you can log in from a Facebook mobile app.

How to Login Facebook on Mobile App

In case you have downloaded the Facebook application on your mobile device, to log in follow these steps

  • Locate the Facebook application in your application list and launch it
  • The Facebook login page will be opened directly where you will see two fields
  • Input your email address or your phone number in the first field
  • Then input your Facebook password in the second field
  • Finally, select login and you are in.

If you don’t have a Facebook app, don’t leave yourself with only the Facebook website option, the FB app is readily available for download from your device’s application stores, Google play store, iTunes and others. Simply visit your store as applicable to your device, search for the Facebook app, the official app should be the one with a white “F” in a blue square background and ensure it is credited to Download the app then follow the above procedures to log in to your Facebook account.

If the parameters dropped on the login page are correct, then you are back to chat with friends and react to their posts but if not, try input the information once again, if the issue still persists, and you’ve not been logged into your account, don’t panic, you might have forgotten your login password. Listed below are the actions to take.


  • If your login attempt is rejected, and you get the message “Email/Phone number and password incorrect,” click on the “forget password.”
  • Then Facebook will take you through a series of tests to confirm if you are the owner of the account.
  • If you pass the test, a code will be sent to your email or registered phone number, input this code in the box provided and you are back.
  • But Facebook will require you to change your password to a new one. Kindly use the one you won’t easily forget or write it down somewhere safe.

What type of Password can I Use on Facebook

It is advisable to use strong passwords to secure your Facebook account from hackers, but this should not come over the need to use a password you can easily remember, we will now discuss the dos and dont’s of Facebook password

Dos of Facebook Password

  • Use Password combinations that are easy to remember
  • Use a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols for your password
  • Use at least a minimum of eight (8) characters for your password
  • Change your Facebook password regularly

Dont’s of Facebook Password

  • Do not use direct English words for your password or direct dictionary words
  • Do not use your name, year of birth, email or phone number as your password
  • It is advisable not to use lower than eight characters for your password
  • Never share your Facebook password with anyone
  • Ensure you log out of devices used to login your account

How to Logout of Facebook Account

Occasionally, most of us access Facebook on public computers or on friend’s devices, and it is advisable to logout your account each time before we leave such devices. To log out your Facebook account follow these steps

On Desktop

  • From your Facebook account page, click on your name or the download pointing the arrow on the navigation pane
  • Locate logout from the list of drop-down option
  • Click on the logout link, and you will be logged out of your Facebook account

On Facebook App

  • From your account page on the Facebook mobile app, click on the three horizontal lines to the top right-hand side of the FB page or the downward pointing arrow as it may apply for your application version
  • Locate and click on logout; this should be the last dropdown option
  • You will be logged out of your Facebook account.

That is it, and you have your comprehensive guide on how to create a Facebook account. We put you through the basic history of Facebook, how to easily create an account, step by step guide to login and logout your Facebook account, we then explained what to do when you forget your Facebook password and outlined the dos and don ts of the Facebook password. I hope this guide was detailed enough and helpful? Kindly share with your friends.

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