Facebook Help Center & Email Support Contact Address

It’s Unfortunate that there is no reliable way to contact Facebook directly – I mean, you can’t call, email, text or otherwise speak to an employee or a Facebook affiliate. However, you can use Facebook’s Help Center to diagnose and report an issue with your account and possibly someone on the platform will help out.


Using Facebook Resources for Troubleshooting



Logon to open the Facebook Help Center web page. If you aren’t already logged into Facebook, you will be required to click on the login button at the very top right-hand corner of the web page to enter your Facebook login details, i.e. email address and sign in password.



Review these options toolbar. This is located at the top of the screen, directly beneath the Facebook search bar–you will need to drag your cursor over each of the options to view its sub-sections. The available options include:

Using Facebook – This section of the Facebook Help Center covers basic Facebook functionality, including how-tos on friending, messaging, and account creation.

You are Managing Your Facebook Account – This covers items, e.g. your login and your FB profile settings.

Facebook Privacy and Safety – These subsections address account security, unfriending people, and hacked or fake accounts.

Policies and Reporting Section – This one covers basic reporting (abuse, web spam, etc.). It handles a deceased person’s Facebook profile and reporting of hacked / fake accounts.

You can as well check out “Questions You May Have” and “Popular Topics” sections on this webpage since they cover common Facebook issues and complaints.



Choose a relevant section. For instance, if you are having an issue with an impostor account, you’d select the section “Privacy and Safety” and then click on “Hacked and Fake Accounts.”



Review any additional options. In keeping with the impostor account illustration, you might click on the “How do I report an account that’s pretending to be me?” URL. Doing so will pop-up a series of steps that explain exactly how to solve your problem.

For instance, Facebook recommends that anyone dealing with an impostor account to go to the account’s profile page of the impostor, clicking …, and clicking on “Report,” then following the on-screen instructions to complete the reporting.



Use the Facebook search bar to expedite your processes. To do this, simply click or tap on the search bar at the top of the Facebook Help Center page– it will say something like this “Hi (Your Name), how can we help you?”– and type in a few words related to your complaint just like the way you search on Google. You should see plenty of suggestions pop-up in a drop-down menu below the Facebook search bar.

For instance, you might type in “impostor account,” then click or tap on the “How do I report an account for impersonation?” results.

The Facebook search bar here only links to Facebook’s pre-written guides–if you are searching for an answer to a specific problem not covered in the Facebook Help Center, skip ahead to the Facebook Community page.



Open the Facebook Ads Help Center page. If your business or FB page is having problems with ads, your questions are usually addressed in this ad section. To delve into advertising, you will want to click on Creating Ads or Managing Ads on Facebook.

For issues arising from advertising, you will need to click on Troubleshooting Your Facebook Ads and then choose an issue on the subsequent menu that appears.



Visit the Facebook Community page. If you can not find your current issue listed anywhere in the Facebook Help Center, your best bet is to search for it in the community forums here. You will see a Facebook search bar at the top of this page–you can look up topics (example, disabled accounts) from this section.


Method 2 – Submitting a Complaint through the Better Business Bureau on Facebook

STEP 1 – Access Facebook’s Better Business Bureau webpage.

STEP 2 – Scroll down and tap on. Submit a Complaint. This is located on the lower right side of the webpage next to the Submit a Review button.

STEP 3 – Next, click Here to File a Complaint. This section is located beneath the “I am looking to resolve a dispute with a business” section which is heading on the left-hand side of the Facebook page.

STEP 4 – Fill the Qualification Questions form given. Here, you will need to tap the “Yes” or “No” checkboxes for each of the following questions that will be presented:

Is this an employee/employer complaint?

Does your complaint allege a criminal act?

Is this issue a discrimination or civil rights complaint?

Is this complaint in litigation?

Is this complaint about items purchases you wish you never made?

Is this a business with a complaint concerning collections purposes with other businesses?

Is this complaint solely based on dissatisfaction with a price?

Are you filing this complaint about BBB info only?

Are you solely seeking an apology from the business?

STEP 5 – Tap to Proceed to a Complaint Form. You may also click on the Clear & Start Over to begin filling out a new form.

STEP 6 – Click or tap Proceed. If you need to change the language used in the following forms, you should first of all, click on the “Select Language” bar located in the top left corner of the screen and then select your desired language.

STEP 7 – Fill out the presented complaint form. This will be different from person to person based on the users’ personal information and the nature of users’ complaints, but ensure to be as thorough as possible when filling out this form. Appealants should, as a matter of necessity, include all of these listed questions:

The problem you are encountering.

The steps you took to remedy or solve the problem.

The problems you ran into while attempting to remedy the problem.

Any potential solutions and (or) suggestion(s) you can think of

STEP 8 – Scroll down and click on Submit Complaint.

STEP 9 – Patiently wait for the mail to arrive from the Facebook team. Facebook works based on West Coast time, so expect to see your email arrival accordingly within three to five working days


Method 3

Submitting an Appeal for a Disabled Account to Facebook


STEP 1 – Navigate to access the Disabled Facebook Account page section. If your Facebook account hasn’t been disabled (or is not currently disabled), you will not be able to submit an appeal.

STEP 2 – Click o the “submit an appeal” URL. This can be seen toward the bottom of the page’s paragraph which is close to the “If you think your account was disabled by mistake” line.

STEP 3 – Type in your Facebook email address. You can also use a phone number here.

STEP 4 – Type in your full name. Make sure the name listed here directly matches the name on your account.

STEP 5 – Click Choose Files. You’ll also need to upload a picture of an ID–be it a driver’s license, a permit, or a passport photo.

If you do not have any picture ID available at the moment, take one now and forward it to yourself via email so you can download it to your desktop.

STEP 6 – Tap on a file location. For example, you might click Desktop here.

STEP 7 – Tap on your picture ID. This will be uploaded to the Facebook form.

STEP 8 – Enter the details into the “Additional Information” box. This is the space in which you should justify the re-activation of your Facebook account. Consider including details like the following:

Why your FB account should not have been deactivated

Why you wish your Facebook account to be reactivated.

Any other extenuating factors that may be helpful to remedy your account so that it can be reactivated. (For example, hackers intrusion or malicious interference of bad actors with your account).


Click/tap on Send. Doing this will send your form to Facebook for a review. Please understand that you may not receive any response for several days.


If you do not yet receive any response from Facebook within a week, try resubmitting your form again.


Method 4 – Recovering Your Password

STEP 1 – Login via the Facebook website.

STEP 2 – Click on the “Forgot Account?”. This option is under the “Password” field in the top right corner of your screen.

STEP 3 – Enter your name, email address, or phone / mobile number. Ensure you can access whichever platform you choose to go with.

STEP 4 – Click Enter.

STEP 5 – Click or tap on Continue.

STEP 6 – Now, check your chosen channel of communication for a code. For example, if you listed your mobile or phone number, you should get a text with a code.

If you choose to email, check your Spam folder.

STEP 7 – Type in the code sent to you into the “Enter Code” field.

STEP 8 – Tap or click on Continue.

STEP 9 – Click on Continue again. You can also decide to log out of your Facebook account on all devices if you think your account has been maliciously appropriated.

STEP 10 – Type in a new Facebook password.

STEP 11 – Click on Continue. Your Facebook password has successfully been reset across all Facebook platforms (For example, on mobile and desktop alike).

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      To ensure the security of your business, Facebook keeps your business pending deletion for 24 hours. After 24 hours, deleted Facebook businesses can’t be reopened again.

  1. Nice error on a fundraiser donation. How do I correct this? I find no links for Fundraiser adjustments and corrections. The amount I entered is less than the amount my account was debited.

  2. I want to recover my old facebook account which it was closed down around April by someone pretending yo be me and closed the existing account can you please help me

    • Have you tried recovering your account by searching with the email or phone number you used in signing up for Facebook? If no, try it. If yes and all options fail, use the contact address in this post to contact the Facebook team directly. #Peace


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