Adding up Photos on Facebook is cool as it helps to keep sure photos till future use especially in situations where you love changing your mobile device often. Those photos uploaded on Facebook would remain there regardless of how many times you changed your device.

Moreover, adding up photos gets to a stage where it becomes too much to comprehend. For an active Facebook user, he or she can have up to hundreds of thousand photos on his or her Facebook page, in this situation, your Facebook account begin may work slow and the only solution is to let go of some of your saved photos.

Fortunately, Facebook permits you to hide images without actually confiscating them, but you also can permanently delete any of your uploaded images, or even entire albums of photos. Below are the different types of photos you might run into on Facebook and how to delete them.

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Profile Picture

Profile picture as its name implies is part of your identity on Facebook, it is the image you choose to represent yourself at the top of your profile page, it appears as a small icon next to your messages, status updates, likes, and comments. As you change profile picture to a new one, note that the previous one would be saved on your Facebook, delete it, follow the instructions below;

  • Click your profile image.
  • The profile photo on Facebook
  • At the very bottom of the full-size picture, click Options.
  • Click Delete This Photo.
  • Delete this Photo in Options for Facebook profile photo

If you want to change your profile image without actually deleting it, hover your mouse over the profile photo and click Update Profile Picture. You can choose an image you already have on Facebook, upload a new one from your computer, or take a brand new photo with a webcam.

Cover Photo

The Cover Photo is the large horizontal banner image you can display on the top of your profile page. It can also be part of your identity on Facebook as it is seen almost alongside the profile picture in the individual’s profile. Just like the profile picture also, Facebook saves each cover photo in an album, to delete a cover photo, follow the instruction below;

  • On your profile page, hover your mouse over the cover photo.
  • Choose the button called Update Cover Photo at the top left.
  • Select Remove.
  • Remove option in Update Cover Photo menu
  • Click Confirm.
  • Confirm button to remove Cover Photo on Facebook

If you want to change your cover photo but not remove it, simply read the above step of the profile picture and click on Select Photo to pick a different image you already have on your account. If you want to upload one from your computer instead, click Upload Photo.

Photo Albums

The photo album is a form of gallery where photo of similar context is saved in, they are collections of photos that you have created and are accessible from your profile page. The photo albums make it easier to locate photos on your Facebook page, for instance, if you are looking for a particular picture you once used as a profile picture, all you need to do is go to the profile picture album, it would be there if you have not deleted it. Note that other users can browse them when they visit your page, provided you have not set the photos as private. To delete Facebook Photo album;

  • Click Photos on your profile page.
  • Click Albums along the top.
  • Albums in Photos on Facebook
  • Click the album you want to delete.
  • Album to delete from Facebook
  • Click the small settings icon next to the Edit and Tag buttons.
  • Choose Delete Album.
  • Delete Album from Facebook Photos
  • Confirm by clicking Delete Album again.
  • Delete Album confirmation button in Facebook

You can’t delete albums that were produced by Facebook like the Profile Pictures, Cover Photos, and Mobile Uploads albums. You can, on the other hand, delete individual pictures classified into those albums by opening the picture to its full size and navigating to Options > Delete This Photo.

Hiding Photos from your News Feed

Someone may have tagged you in a picture that you don’t want all your friends to see, you can hide photos you’ve been tagged in to prevent people from seeing them on your news feed. To do this, follow the instructions below;

  • Open the picture.
  • On the right side, above any tags and comments, click the timeline icon.
  • In the drop-down menu, select Hide from the timeline.
  • Hide from Timeline button on a tagged Facebook photo

You can find all the pictures you’ve been tagged in by clicking the Activity Log that appears on your profile page in the lower right of your cover photo. In the left side pane, click Photo Review.

Deleting Photo Tags

Facebook as an online platform requires caution so as not to be implicated if you don’t want people to easily find photos you’ve been tagged in probably because the photo is very bad and you don’t want to be associated with it, you can untag yourself. Removing tags with your name does not delete those photos but instead removes reference to you from the photo. To do this, follow the instructions below;

  • On the menu bar at the top of Facebook, click the small down arrow next to the question mark.
  • Select Activity Log.
  • Activity Log menu item on Facebook
  • Choose Photos and Videos in the left pane.
  • Click the checkbox for each image you no longer want to be tagged in.
  • Checkboxes for untagging photos on Facebook
  • Choose the Report/Remove Tags button at the top.
  • Untag photos button on Facebook
  • Click Untag Photos.

I hope this article has helped you delete or hide that picture which is on your Facebook that doesn’t befit you? If you find it educating, kindly share it with your friends and family so they can know how they would delete photos or photo album on their Facebook account in no time.

Thank you for reading.

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