Top New Essential Gmail features

Top New Essential Gmail features

Gmail is currently one of the most widely used email platforms in the world. This is due to its ease of use/navigation and the power it confers upon users when it comes to having information present, concise, and on hand at all times. Gmail users can use their accounts to send and receive mails, organize their schedules, look up locations, store contacts, upload data, and many more functions. It is also the type of account that allows you to freely access the Google Play Store, which is the official app store of the Android operative system where you have a wide range of applications at your fingertips. Having a Gmail account will allow you to enjoy many features and benefits

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1 – Access from different devices:

Gmail is available for use through a wide array of smart devices. You can freely access the Gmail platform through any online browser by accessing It is also possible to access your Gmail account through any of the applications that enable users to log in with their email account; the main application for this, of course, is the Gmail app itself. The Gmail app is included on every Android device, and it is a powerful tool that allows you to easily read and manage your emails. There are many apps that can accomplish this, but the Gmail app is specially designed for this.


2 – Conferences all over the world

Another of the unique features of Gmail is that it enables users to participate in conferences with friends and colleagues, where they can see each other through webcams and send emojis, photos, and different types of media. This is what we know as Google Hangouts, and it is available on every Android and Apple device, which allows for an unseen level of accessibility.


3 – Free storage

Storing files in a secure manner is something that users always need to have available. Gmail allows this through Google Drive, a cloud service that allows its users to store photos, videos, documents, and any type of information on storage that has 15GB of capacity. This also eliminates the need for deleting any email, regardless of the size. This way, you can be confident that every single message that you send and receive through Gmail will be safely stored for later reviewing. It is right to point out that Gmail is the only cloud service that has a storage space of 15GB.


4 – Availability for work

Gmail is excellent for work purposes. Users tend to register their enterprises and initiatives on Gmail because it allows for a great amount of freedom when it comes to usernames. It is also possible to obtain a customized extension, with their own calendars, documents, and every feature that Gmail offers. This comes at an additional cost.

5 – Great and accessible design

Gmail‘s design is often looked at as one of the most intuitive available. It possesses every common feature that a usual email platform possesses, with the addition of being even simpler when it comes to folders and organization. Gmail‘s tray is easy to manipulate; it possesses labels and filters that will ensure that your messages will be organized properly. Gmail automatic filters sort commercial email and put it in a particular folder where you can either review or delete it, whatever option you see fit.


Let’s now do a quick summary of Gmail’s features.


  1. Schedule emails

  2. Do more with a right-click

  3. Drag emails between tabs

  4. Get Google’s AI to compose your emails

  5. Send and request money

  6. Set an expiry time

  7. Get notifications for certain emails

  8. Use Gmail offline

  9. Mix up your email stars

  10. Save to Google drive

  11. Find by date

  12. Translate your emails


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The features are limitless, and it gives you room to explore and customize as you wish.

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