The Complete List of Horrible Bosses and how to Defeat them


The Complete List of Horrible Bosses and how to Defeat them

When we venture into the business world, sometimes wide-eyed and nervous, we always secretly hope up be strapped down with a pretty decent boss.

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Sometimes, this isn’t always the case. There are good people out there as well as horrible people. We can meet some of these people in work environments.

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So, what if you’re unlucky enough to be employed by a mean boss? Do you just quit and go back into the business world to start job haunting all over again?

This article will give you pointers on how to deal with mean bosses and stay ahead of them, in order to keep your job and position secure.

First, we will look at the types of bosses you might come in contact with:

The Assailant
My first supervisor fit the stereotype of a bully. This is a classic example of ‘old school’ administration by power.

I ran into this attitude again in the retail industry, where one manager believed that bawling and yelling was the only way to get the best out of his employees.

However, like with many bullies, you’ll often find that this is someone who either doesn’t know any better or is stressed, and they’re afraid of the circumstance they’ve found themselves in.

The Boss Unavailable Boss
This might take the form of remote management (typically the golf course or ‘important meetings) or simply a manager who is too preoccupied with being important to engage with their employees.

It can feel liberating because your manager will typically take little or no interest in your activities, but you will quickly discover that you are lacking the support that a good boss will provide.

Without direction, you may think you’re doing fine only to discover that you’re not meeting expectations you weren’t briefed about, and it’s suddenly all your responsibility.

The Manager of Micros
The aggravation of having a boss who insists on being involved in everything you do. The exact opposite of the Invisible Boss, you will feel untrustworthy of your job because they will want to interfere in everything you do.

Dealing with a micromanager can be a challenge. Their management style is frequently influenced by their own insecurity.

You can confront them and inform them that you are capable of doing your job, but this is unlikely to work and may even make things worse.

The Boss Who Has Been Overpromoted
The over-promoted boss is someone who has no understanding what they’re doing. They’ve risen through the ranks of management as a result of service, family, or some corporate enigma.

They are persons who are not only unqualified to be managers, but who are also incapable of performing your job.

You may become increasingly frustrated by your condition, yet it may appear impossible to leave without resigning.

The Thief of Credit
The credit thief is the boss who refuses to publicly acknowledge your efforts. You’ll spend in the extra hours working on a project since you know your credit-stealing boss will take all of the credit at the “important meeting”!

It’s demoralizing to watch all of your hard work squandered, and it’s not uncommon for good employees to hunt for new jobs as a result.

Three Crucial Ways to Work (Cope) with Bad Bosses
Whatever type of awful employer you have, there are steps you can do to guarantee that you receive the recognition and protection you need to stay sane while simultaneously advancing your career.

1. Organize your evidence
Whether it’s events with the bully or instances of tasks you’ve completed with the credit stealer, keeping notes and supporting documentation for tasks you’re working on is always a good idea.

Purchase your own notebook and make it a habit to take notes at all times; it will become a habit and a very helpful one because you will have a constant reminder as well as a place to explore ideas.

Importantly, you will have clear records if you need to go to HR or stand up for yourself! Also, don’t assume that corporate servers or emails will be available or untampered with at all times. Maintain your own content.

Organize regular meetings.
Make sure you schedule regular meetings with your employer. This is especially effective for over-promoted or invisible bosses who want to ‘manage upwards.’ Take charge where you can in setting your goals, and utilize these sessions to set specific goals and monitor your progress.

3. Hold your ground, but be prepared to leap.
You don’t have to put up with bad management if you don’t want to. If you have concerns, you should discuss them with your supervisor; it’s possible that they are unaware that they are making a negative impression.

Be prepared, though, to recognize if the situation will not alter. Keep your head down and work on polishing your CV if this is the case. If it doesn’t work, there will be something better available!

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