Spanish Boyfriend Love Words (with Explanation)


 Spanish Boyfriend Love Words (with Explanation)

We all enjoy giving nicknames or pet names to the people we care about the most. Plus, referring to that special someone by his or her distinctive moniker is touching.

So, have you grown bored of addressing your boyfriend or partner by their pet names? If you’re nodding your head right now, you’re probably looking for some creative, adorable, and sweet nicknames for him.

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Aren’t you the one? Now you don’t have to be concerned! This post will teach you a total of “thirteen Spanish love words for boyfriend” that you can use to wow your lover.

A nickname in his original tongue, especially if he’s from Spain or South America, will show him how much you care about him and his cultural background.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for something romantic, spicy, or hilarious. Continue reading to learn more about this subject.

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boyfriend spanish love words
13 Spanish Love Words for Your Boyfriend
It’s a good idea to give the man in your life a distinctive pet name if you want to make him happy.

You might be calling your lover babe, darling, or honey, which are all common, adorable, and corny pet names.

So, how do you feel about calling him by a strange moniker originating from a foreign tongue like Spanish?

Do you know that Spanish is regarded as one of the most romantic languages in the world? As a result, a Spanish pet name for your partner will sound incredibly sweet.

Plus, if your partner speaks Spanish, he’ll be blown away by his new Spanish pet name. If he is from a Spanish-speaking country, he will be even more appreciative of your efforts.

We’ve created a list of the thirteen most popular and regularly used Spanish love terms for boyfriend that are appropriate for male partners for your convenience.

Amado Mio translates to “My Love” in English.
Another wonderfully romantic Spanish term, this one actually means “My Love.” You might start calling your sweetheart by this nickname and express your affection for him.

Chubby English Translation: Gordito
This Spanish phrase literally means “chubby” or “small fatty.” It’s a non-offensive way of expressing affection for someone you care about. This is a popular nickname among Spanish couples to refer to a cute, if little overweight, boyfriend.

Pollito is an English word that means “little chicken.”
The precise translation of this phrase is “fledgling” or “little chicken.” It may sound strange in English, but consider similar terms such as “bird” or “chick” in English (even though they are only used for females). In Spanish, the word “pollito” means “cute” or “adorable.”

Cute in English Translation: Lindo
This Spanish term has a romantic connotation. It’s a common term for the masculine equivalent of the English word adorable. You can surely utilize this phrase to express your love and affection for your lover by calling him Lindo, the Spanish equivalent of cute.

A wonderful person in English translation: Maravilloso
Your lover could be the most amazing person you’ve ever met. He has most likely enhanced the beauty of your life. So, do you think this fantastic person requires a suitable pet name? If that’s the case, you can call him “Maravilloso” (which means “wonderful” in Spanish).

Prince is an English word that means “Principle, ” in Spanish 
The term “principe” refers to a prince. So, if you imagine your guy as a lovely young prince riding a white horse, this is the ideal nickname for him.

You may even call him “Principe Azul” if you want to go a step further and make things even more fairytale-like. This Spanish word translates to “Charming Prince.”

Rey is a Spanish word that means “King” in English.
This term in Spanish means “King.” If your pal is more mature than a prince, this is a good choice. Of course, the real authority in any household is the woman, as we all know. Any man, on the other hand, will be ecstatic if you give him the notion it’s the other way around.

Guapo in English means Attractive
Is your lover a very attractive man, and do you admire his physique? If that’s the case, you might want to start calling him “Guapo” from now on. Are you curious about the meaning of this enigmatic phrase? It’s actually quite straightforward. The word “guapo” implies “handsome.”

Blue Eyes (Ojos de Cielo) is an English translation of Ojos de Cielo.
This is another another intriguing Spanish phrase with a distinct connotation. The phrase “Ojos de Cielo” means “Heaven eyes” or “baby blue eyes.” So, if one of your boyfriend’s most distinguishing features is his lovely blue eyes, don’t be afraid to call him “Ojos de Cielo.”

Chocolatito is a Spanish word that means “little chocolate.”
Is your guy a sucker for sweets? If this is the case, he has another another unique Spanish nickname: Chocolatito. It stands for a small amount of chocolate.

Corazion Mio in translates to “My Heart” in English 
In Spanish, the word “corazón” signifies “heart.” And, like English, it can be used to refer to both the organ and the more romantic concept of a heart in Spanish. As a result, “Corazón mio” translates to “my heart” or “my beloved.”

Amor mio, which means “my love” in English, is a phrase that means “my love.”
“Amor mio,” like “Amado mio,” means “my love,” and you can use it as a pet name to stress that he is the living embodiment of love.

(Mi) Hombre
My Man is the English translation.
“My man” is the English equivalent of this particular word.
As a result of this list, you now have a total of thirteen Spanish love words for your boyfriend or male companion. Each one has its own significance.

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