Smart Call on Samsung: How to Activate Smart Call on Samsung

Samsung’s Smart Call feature is getting an upgrade with One UI 2.5 to improve its ability to block unwanted spam calls. Here’s what you need to know about it

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Anti-spam apps for Samsung phones

Samsung is upgrading its Smart Call feature on its smartphones to automatically block spam calls.

As a result, new Samsung smartphone owners won’t have to think about the increasing amount of spam calls they’re getting on a regular basis. It’s not the most important feature on a Samsung handset, but it’ll come in handy.

To put it in perspective, Samsung isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer attempting to tackle unnecessary spam calls. Scammers can be stopped before the phone even rings, thanks to a call screening feature implemented by Google.

However, since Galaxy phones are more widely purchased than Pixel phones, Samsung’s anti-spam efforts would likely affect a larger number of smartphone users.

Smart Call is Samsung’s spam-blocking feature, and the most recent update is that it is now operated by Hiya, following confirmation of the two companies’ expanded partnership.

The improved Smart Call will first be available on the Galaxy Note 20 series, but because Samsung has a contract with Hiya until 2025, the anti-spam feature will most likely be available on all of the company’s top-tier smartphones next year.

Smart Call works by alerting users when they receive a spam call, blocking the call, and allowing the user to report it. Finding the “Caller ID and spam security” option in the Call section of the Samsung Settings app is all it takes to enable the feature.

The feature is part of the One UI 2.5 update, so it’s possible that older Samsung phones will get the enhanced spam security as well, assuming they’re due for a Samsung OS upgrade.

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Other Smart Call Features from Samsung

While spam blocking is one of the more useful features of Samsung’s Smart Call technology, it is not the only one.

To find a nearby business or restaurant, users no longer need to open an Internet browser. Instead, Samsung phone users will perform the same searches in the phone app’s Places tab.

Once the correct business has been located, users can either call them or save their phone numbers to their contacts list for later use. The function can be found under the “Other call settings” tab in the “Call settings” menu for those who want to allow it.

Users can then switch on the “Search for places nearby” function, which allows the Smart Call feature to collect contacts and other information from nearby venues.

Both of these features tend to be targeted at reducing some of the daily hassles that phone users face, such as coping with spam or trying to locate a nearby café or coffee shop.

Whether spam is more irritating or coffee is more important to the individual consumer would decide which is more important. In any case, Smart Call takes a more straightforward approach to assist Samsung phone users in getting the details they need while avoiding unnecessary spam.

How to Activate Smart Call on Samsung

The first step in eliminating spam calls is to know who is calling you, and Samsung’s Smart Call feature does just that.

The function automatically recognizes and identifies robocalls, allowing you to block or report them. To use the function, go to Call Settings and select ‘Caller ID and spam protection.’

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