Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Without Attending School

Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Without Attending School

Are you looking for a way to earn money without having to go to school? The country’s economy has spawned a slew of entrepreneurs eager to seize the bull by the horns.

We have several skills you can learn, both offline, online and technological skills to learn and utilize them into making money. Another wonderful thing about some of the skills and business we shall articulate in this article is the fact that you would need little or no capital up start!

This article is simply only scratching the surface, because we thousands of skills, websites, platforms you can make legitimate money from. You only need to find out your passion is and where you can function well in, then you’re set to get to work!

Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Without Attending School
Because of the high rate of unemployment, many people have chosen to start their own businesses and become their own bosses. I’d like to tell you about a legitimate way to earn money without going to classes.

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Check out these 20 legitimate ways to make money in Nigeria without going to school;
1. Organizing an event
Many people in Nigeria, particularly women and children, enjoy parties and events; therefore, starting such a business would not be a bad idea, and it does not require much, and it is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing projects.

You can begin by planning small parties and other events; just make sure everything goes smoothly. Any of the events you plan must have a gate fee paid before accessing the event grounds.

As you expand, you’ll have more and more events, and the larger your event is, the more guests you’ll have. As an event planner, you must have excellent interpersonal communication skills, be able to communicate effectively, and be a social person.

2. Skill – Makeup 
Before you start this type of training, make sure you’re good at getting people dressed and styling a head tie. You must have received training prior to this; now you can start your own company.
Women, particularly during events or parties, need the services of a makeup artist and a head tie stylist because they always want to look stunning. When you make these serveries, you will be paid more money as you receive more orders.

3. Photojournalist
Make sure you have the skills of a photographer as well as the necessary equipment to organize photoshoots for clients. You can perform photo secession, edit photos, and deliver finished goods to your clients.
You can also do this from home; you attend meetings, weddings, and parties, for example. The more serious you are about your company, the faster it will grow.

4. Household Appliance Repair
You can start a business fixing home appliances if you are really good at it. You will provide services to customers and be paid at the end of the day; your job is to repair broken household appliances and other products. You will get a business card to advertise your company with this.

5. Skill – FIVERR
How to make money on Fiverr
The positive thing about Fiverr is that there is work for everyone, regardless of their skills and/or experience.
But the first move is to identify the skills you’re able to work with. Graphic design
Animations and cartoons
Writing Technical Documents
Promoting on the internet
Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Web Programming, and CMS Installation
CSS and Web Design Customization
Services such as proofreading, content promotion, and translation are available.
Once your account has a good number of favorable reviews, change the gig for profit and get on with the rest of your “make money online” trip.

6. Videos on YouTube
Make money by uploading videos to YouTube – In this segment, I’ll teach you how to make money online in Nigeria by uploading videos to YouTube, as well as a secret to creating videos that make money while you’re sleeping and are extremely engaging to your target audience.

There’s a password-protected music backdrop on it. Using this tool, you can create and distribute unique videos by recording your favorite Nigerian automaton games.
Edit the video and upload it to YouTube for more views.

7. JUMIA Merchandise Promotion
You can make money online by promoting Jumia products to African countries through the Jumia affiliate program.
To become an Affiliate Partner, go here and fill out the form.

8. KONGA Merchandise Promotion
On www.konga.com.ng, create an account and sign in. It functions similarly to Jumia.

How to Make Money on the Internet with the Amazon Associate Program
To be honest, for many newcomers, the Amazon associate program is a difficult nut to crack. This is because the niche is already populated by top marketers from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of India, and Australia, all of whom have been in business for similar amounts of time.
https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ is a connection to Amazon’s affiliate program.

10. Promotion of Domain Services
Since the web business is profitable, a growing number of companies are going online, each with a limit of ten domain names.
In addition, new writers, advertisers, and Netpreneurs appear on the internet on a regular basis, searching for the simplest ways to promote their businesses online safely.
It’s fairly simple to enter a name services promotion.

11. Promotion of Web Hosting Services
Overall, you’ll make a fair monthly profit by supporting hosting companies, SEO tools, and/or other profitable digital services.

12. Promotion of software/apps
You can make money online in Nigeria by signing up for the affiliate services of such apps and recommending them to your customers by telling them to shop for such items using your affiliate connection.

13. Commission Junction (Cj)
This allows you to make money online by selling items from a variety of categories.
You can sell applications, games, online marketing tools, and just about anything else related to your field or career here. cj.com is their official website.

14. Shareasale
We’d rather use Shareasale to expand our affiliate program list. By supporting comptroller deals, you can receive a fair amount of money. The top vendors are already on this site, making it simple to generate sales and make some money. Here is the link to join their affiliate program.

15. Skill – Blogging
A blog can be an excellent marketing tool for businesses. Blogging has grown in popularity as a result of the fact that it allows ordinary people to become well-known while also earning a living from their blogs.

16. Mini-Importation
In the Federal Republic of Nigeria, mini-importation is another way to make money online. If you already have cheaper means of earning/sourcing for dollars, you’ll be effective in this niche. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on digital currency exchangers or the parallel market.
Look for items that are likely to sell. While there isn’t a lot of competition in your region. You’ll get more money if you sell them online through Konga, Jumia, Payporte, and other eCommerce stores that allow it.

17. Affiliate Marketing
You can choose to advertise product of a certain company or brand. Having come to an agreement, the company or brand can pay you a 20 – 30% off of each product that is successfully sold through you.
The good thing about embarking in this sort of business is that you will not need any capital to start.

18. Distributor
You can become a distributor to a brand or company selling any type of product, be it cosmetic or health products.

19. Skill – Graphic and Art Designs
For example, Shutterstock will pay you to photograph African cultural displays.

20. UBER
You can make extra money by renting/using your car(s) for Uber and/or similar services on a monthly basis.
There are a plethora of other legitimate ways to make money without going to school, but the ones mentioned above are the ones that have been highlighted and clarified. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start making money right now.

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