How to make an Instagram carousel that will increase engagement


How to make an Instagram carousel that will increase engagement
Over the years, Instagram has released a slew of new features that allow you to personalize your feed and boost engagement. Stories, IGTV, and Reels should all be part of your Instagram strategy, but the Instagram carousel feature is one of the simplest ways to boost interaction.

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This post will teach you all you need to know about creating a photo carousel on Instagram to produce more interesting content.

What is an Instagram carousel, and how does it work?

An Instagram carousel is a collection of photographs arranged in a single post. These postings come in handy when delivering stories that require more than one image. You could use an Instagram carousel to illustrate before and after images of a DIY project, an outfit, or a room, for example. You may provide a recipe with step-by-step instructions or show off different features of a recent vacation.

Are Instagram carousels effective at increasing engagement?

Because we don’t know exactly how the Instagram algorithm works, and the engagement rate is highly dependent on the size of your following, the content you post, and the genre you post about the most, this is a tricky solution. Photo carousel postings outperform video posts by a considerable amount, with nearly 5.13 percent engagement for smaller accounts.

Is it possible to include hashtags in a carousel post?

Instagram users frequently claim that hashtags produce relatively little engagement on their carousel posts, leading the rest of us to wonder if hashtags really work on carousel posts. While we can’t speak for every Instagram user, we can confirm that hashtags generate virtually no engagement on even the most popular carousel photos. Does this imply that you should avoid using hashtags entirely? Certainly not. Hashtags will not hurt your reach or interaction, so use them for the time being.

Is it possible to promote a carousel post on Instagram?

Your Instagram carousel posts may certainly be promoted. But, before you spend money on Instagram, you need figure out what your ultimate aim is. Do you want to boost the number of people who visit your profile, visit your website, or send you direct messages?

You could be better off pursuing the organic approach if you just want more overall engagement. Here’s how to market your Instagram carousel if you chose to do so:

  • Select the carousel post you’d like to promote.
  • Tap Next after selecting your goal from the options.
  • Using the menu options, define your target audience. The simplest option is to have Instagram target your audience for you, but you can do it manually as well.
  • Next should be tapped.
  • Select a budget and then press Next.
  • Select Create Promotion from the drop-down menu.
How to make an Instagram carousel that is interesting to look at

The last thing you want to do when making an intriguing Instagram carousel is just pick a bunch of photos and call it a day. You should consider the story you’re trying to convey, how the photographs fit together, and your caption for the greatest results. Here are some pointers for creating an eye-catching photo carousel.

Specifications for the Instagram carousel for photos and videos
For each carousel post, Instagram enables 2 to 10 individual images or videos. Photos can be any size, but they must have a resolution of at least 1080 by 1080 pixels. All photographs must be the same size, thus if your first photo is a landscape, the remainder must be cropped to landscape orientation as well. As long as the photographs are under 30 MB in size, you can upload them in JPEG or PNG format.

An Instagram carousel post can also include videos. They should be in MP4 format and no more than 4 GB in size. Carousel videos are limited to 60 seconds in length.

How to make a carousel post on Instagram

Carousel posts on Instagram are significantly easier to make than videos. Here’s how to make your first carousel post, step by step.

  • On your iPhone, open Instagram.
  • Select Post from the Plus menu.
  • Choose a photo for your Instagram carousel’s first image.
  • Your photo will appear on the screen in a standard square format, but you may zoom out to any size you wish with your fingers. Just keep in mind that after you’ve decided on a size for your first shot, you’ll have to stick to it for the others.
  • Keep your finger pressed against the small photo you’ve chosen until the number 1 appears in the upper-right corner.
  • Select the photographs and videos you wish to add to your carousel by scrolling through them.
  • Next should be selected.
  • To add filters or manually edit each photo or video, tap on it individually.
  • Tap Done when you’re finished.
  • You’ll be taken to a new screen where you may add your caption, tags, and locations, among other things.
  • When you’re done, tap Share to share your carousel with your Instagram followers.
How to use Canva to separate photographs for a carousel

In some cases, splitting a single panoramic image into many images so that your users can swipe between them in a carousel post is a good idea.

This isn’t as straightforward as a standard carousel post, but it’s a lot easier to accomplish with the Canva app on your phone. Here’s how to use Canva to split a photo into three parts for a carousel post:

  • Open Canva on your iPhone after installing it.
  • Choose Custom Size from the Plus menu at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Choose a width of 900 pixels and a height of 1200 pixels.
  • Choose Make a new design.
  • Select the photo you wish to split from Uploads.
  • Drag your image to the upper-left corner of the outline and crop it so that only the first third of it is visible.
  • Tap the + to add the same photo to this page, then tap the add page symbol in the bottom right to create a new page.
  • Crop each image by double-tapping it twice.
  • Crop the photographs by dragging the edges of one image to the edges of the next.
  • To save all three photographs to your photo library, tap the save symbol.

As an Instagram carousel, you may now publish the photographs in chronological sequence. Make sure your viewers can see the entire image by swiping through.

What is the best way to use an Instagram carousel template?
If you’ve already downloaded Canva to practice photo splitting for your carousel, you’ll be happy to know that they also have several ready-to-use, easy-to-customize templates for your Instagram carousel posts.

The quickest way to find them is to launch Canva and type “Instagram carousel” into the search bar at the top. You’ll find a large number of templates to utilize in telling your story. You can customize everything about your picture carousel in Canva once you’ve picked a template to use. Choose fresh typefaces, photographs, and colors – the possibilities are truly unlimited.

When you’re done designing your template in Canva, it’ll be saved in the app’s My Designs section. You may now use it to make new Instagram carousel posts at any time.

On Instagram, here’s how to make a carousel post.
Did you know that you can use Facebook’s Creator Studio to schedule carousel posts on Instagram? On a PC, you can utilize Creator Studio to schedule carousel posts. There’s also a smartphone app. However, for the time being, it can only be used to schedule Facebook updates.

The most significant disadvantage of Creator Studio is that it requires you to manage both a Facebook page and an Instagram business account. If this describes you, keep reading to learn how to create your own Instagram carousel:

  • On your Mac, open Facebook Creator Studio
    Select Page Settings from the drop-down menu under Settings.
  • To connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, go to the left sidebar and select Instagram.
  • To make a post, go to the top of the page and click the Instagram button.
  • Select Create Post, then Instagram Feed and the account to which you wish to post.
  • To upload photos from your computer, go to Add Content, then From File Upload.
  • To add more than one image to your carousel post, use the command key to click on numerous images, or simply keep clicking the Add Content button.
  • After you’ve picked your photos, add a caption, a location, and tags.
  • Select Schedule from the drop-down menu next to the Publish button.
  • Click the blue Publish button after selecting the day and time you want your post to become live. Your carousel will be published at the time you specify.

Instagram carousel posts are a simple method to deliver fresh material to your followers while also increasing engagement on the network. You’ll find that making carousels isn’t much more difficult than making a single post once you get started. That’s that about “How to make an Instagram carousel that will increase engagement”

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