How To Avoid Being Shadow Banned On Instagram


How To Avoid Being Shadow Banned On Instagram

Let’s start with an explanation of what a shadow ban is. A shadowban occurs when a website or app prevents others from seeing your posts but does not alert you of the ban.

An account bering Shadowbanned can happen to just about anyone. This article would let you in on how you can avoid getting Shadowbanned

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1. Post in your native language. Bots and auto-posting apps should not be used.

Instagram’s terms of service have changed. As a result of these changes, there was a lack of tolerance and penalties for employing automated apps and bots.

It’s a no-no to use a social media posting site to schedule IG updates. Using a bot program to follow, comment on, and like posts is also a bad idea. Going old school and posting on your phone and doing all the labour on following and liking yourself is the easiest way to avoid a shadowban from this.

2. Avoid Using Prohibited Hashtags.
Isn’t it simple? However, this is not the case. There isn’t a list of hashtags that aren’t allowed on Instagram. Using a forbidden hashtag is also a surefire way to be blacklisted.

To see if a hashtag has been shadowbanned, go to Instagram’s search box, type in the hashtag in question, and if nothing comes up, it has been banned.

However, keep in mind that a hashtag that can get you banned may not appear in the search results as forbidden. Making things even more difficult.

3. Avoid being spammy.
Being spammy in Instagram’s eyes can result in your account being suspended. You should only post three times each day. If you can, try to spread them out.

Avoid posting ten photographs in a row, as this is likely to result in a ban. Don’t go on a wild following, liking, and commenting binge. This can also appear to be quite spammy.

Don’t like more than 150 posts every hour, leave more than 60 comments, or follow or unfollow more than 60 accounts in a single hour.

Your engagement has come to an end.
Your posts will be hidden if you are shadowbanned. This means that your likes and comments will either stay the same or decrease considerably.

There are no new followers.
There haven’t been any new followers in a while? If you used to gain new followers on a regular basis and haven’t in a while, you may be blacklisted.

How Do You Know If You’re Sure?
You may be banned if your accounts fulfill the above conditions. It’s not easy to figure out if you’ve been blacklisted. The ideal option is to post an image with a hashtag that isn’t widely used.

Then, using a friend’s account and device, look for your image using that hashtag. If you don’t see your image, you’ve probably been banned.

1. Do not use any hashtags that have been banned. Return to your account and delete any previous postings that contain the objectionable hashtag.

2. Only use your phone to post natively.

3. Take a break from all Instagram activity for a few days.

4. Inform Instagram about your shadowban.

5. Change your account from a business to a personal one.

Some commonly used hashtags that can result in a shadowban. That’s it about “How To Avoid Being Shadow Banned On Instagram”

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