5 Security Checks for Your Android Phone


5 Security Checks for Your Android Phone: Perform these fast checks on your Android phone to ensure your privacy and security.

Install an antivirus program on your Android phone if you’re worried about mobile malware. There are several good security programs available, both free and premium, that require little setting. You can also use Google’s Play Protect function to protect your device.

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Sadly, the growth of Android malware outbreaks indicates neither approach is 100% reliable. We’ll go over the security tests you should perform to protect your phone.

1. Check your phone’s anti-malware

The most critical element of an Android security app is its capacity to detect and isolate dangerous threats.

You can evaluate your phone’s security with the free F-Secure AV Test. This employs an EICAR (European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research) test file to assess your security app’s performance. The EICAR file is made to look like a virus, but it isn’t.

Test F-Secure AV Test from the Google Play Store. If your security app offers real-time protection, it should disable AV Test. If not, conduct a manual scan to find the (false) harmful malware.

F-Secure AV Test App: Otherwise, your security program (or Google Play Protect) missed the potential threat. Consider upgrading your protection.

2. Examine Your Phone’s Options

Turning on or off risky Android features might affect your phone’s security and privacy in unexpected ways.

Install the free SAFE Me software to find and fix these flaws. It scans your device and gives you a “Confidence” score based on your current settings.

Tap the middle icon in the row of options at the bottom of the app screen to see the findings.

Protected Device Mode: On the Device tab, SAFE Me marks appropriately enabled or disabled options with green checkmarks. Screen Lock and Device Encryption should be enabled, but not Location Services or Show Passwords.

On the Connection tab, you’ll see red crosses for USB Debugging, Bluetooth, and NFC. Tap an entry for additional information and to enter your system settings to rectify it.

The app requires you to sign up and validate your email address before you can use it. However, SAFE Me can use this to check if your details have been leaked (tap the incognito icon to find out).

The program also contains 100 free lectures on issues including passwords, call scams, and SIM theft. Each one includes a video lecture and a quiz to help you enhance your security knowledge.

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3. Secure Your App Permissions

This feature helps prevent unauthorized programs from accessing your data. In Android 6, navigate to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission manager (or App permissions on some phones).

This permission manager is basic and hidden. Install App Permission Dashboard for a better view of your app permissions and any dangers.

This free program shows you which permissions each of your apps has been granted. Camera, Access fine location, and Send SMS are a few examples. Tap an app’s name to enter its settings and block undesired permissions or delete it.

You may also sort the data by permission or app, and include preloaded apps. Also, App Permission Dashboard allows you to save your permissions as a spreadsheet.

Android App Permissions Explained What To Know

4. Security Check Your Android Apps

Unchanged default settings in apps might lead to data leakage or theft. Jumbo can help detect and repair bugs in Android apps.

Also for iOS, this program checks Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter for privacy and security issues.

When you install Jumbo, it asks for your email address to check for data breaches. If so, it will notify you so you may change your passwords immediately.

On is prompted to pay for Jumbo after answering a few questions concerning privacy and security.

Don’t link the paid-only services. If you want to use Jumbo, you’ll need to sign up for each one.

Jumbo will then examine your accounts, suggest modifications, and let you tap to make them. You can scan more apps if needed.

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5. Check Background Processes

Background processes on Android phones are problematic since they drain power and RAM. Their use can jeopardize your device’s security and potentially cost you money.

The finest task manager app is built into Android and lets you view and “kill” background activities that your security app overlooks. To utilize it, simply turn on Developer options.

  • Tap Settings > About phone seven times. Developer options will be unlocked.
  • Go to Advanced > Developer options.
  • Tap Background services or Processes to see what’s running.
  • Select a suspicious process and select Stop to stop it.

Unwanted processes keep restarting. If this happens, you can choose to keep or uninstall the software.

Boost Your Android Security

You can typically rely on your Android security app. It doesn’t hurt to double-check its protection and pinpoint every potential threat and vulnerability.

There are more Android settings you can change to keep your phone safe and private. If not, check and correct them instantly.

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