How To Mark An Item As Sold After Selling On Facebook Marketplace in this year

Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s own platform designed for business purposes. Just as the name implies, this platform offers business owners the opportunity to showcase their items/products to a large audience of prospective buyers.

Is Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace Safe?

Facebook has put in place a security measure to help protect users who take advantage of the Marketplace service. It only allows users up to the age of 18 years of age and above to use this service. This rules out to some extent, naivety and susceptibility to fraud.

However, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say the safety in using this app is on a 9.

How to Start Selling Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

1) First, login to your account.

2) Click on the Marketplace icon in the left column of your Facebook News Feed. This may not be the case if you’re logged in via the Facebook app, but you can always find the Marketplace in your Facebook menu.

3) Click on the “Sell something” button and then on “Item for Sale“.

4) Enter a title for your item and then it’s price and your location. Also, add a category which your item belongs to, along with a short description of it.

5) Add photos of the item and click on the “Post” button.

Your item will now be made public for prospective buyers to view.

Mark an Item as Sold after Selling

This is important to let people know the particular item has been sold out.

To get this done, follow the steps below;

1) Click on the marketplace link by the left column of your Facebook News Feed. For mobile device users, you are likely to find this icon on your menu.

2) Click on the Selling tab on the left and

3) Click “Mark as Sold” next to the item you wish to mark as sold.

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