How to Check Block List on Facebook App – How to See Blocked List on Facebook Mobile


How to Check Block List on Facebook App – How to See Blocked List on Facebook Mobile

How To View Or See Your Blocked List On Facebook and to learn how you can unblock blocked friends and acquaintances.

Do you wish to find out where your blocked friend’s list on Facebook is located? In this post, we are going to be seeing how Facebook pals can check Facebook blocked users’ list so they can quickly decide whether to unblock them or not to unblock.

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Facebook is cool about any user who wants to block as well as unblock people on their platform because they (Facebook) know some buddies on Facebook can be dramatic at times. Hence, Facebook gives users the privilege so they can block anyone bothering them without much stress.

However, some of the settings on Facebook are buried so deeply in such a way that an average user cannot access this feature, hence, the reason for creating a post on this topic. This guide “How To See Or View Your Blocked List On Facebook ✅” will aid Facebook beginners, pros, amateurs, experts, novices, masters, and etc. to better understand the workings of the “BLOCKING’ features.

How to access the Facebook Block List

So, how can the average Facebook user go about accessing those friends or Facebook acquaintances that they have blocked? We shall see how to locate and find users blocked by you on Facebook in the course of this tutorial.

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Welcome to our post on How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook | View My Block List – Facebook List View to Unblock Blocked Users. Continue reading it below:

A fast and easy way to See all your blocked list on the Facebook platform – View my blocklist – Facebook list view to quickly unblock blocked users 

One easy thing to do is to create a Facebook account, but a more difficult thing to keep up with is in the usage. Sometimes you may add friends who turn out be like a snake in green grass and so you choose to block them at once. And sometimes because of how often people tend to break your heart so you may have chosen to block them as well as other innocent people…. so you are looking forward to going back to cross-check if you’ve indeed mistakenly blocked people who are your true friends. The question now is, how do you get there? How do you access the blocked user’s list? This post will help you figure out in a bit!

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A fast way to See Your Blocked List On Facebook

A Quick Way to See Your Blocked List On Facebook

When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public. The person won’t automatically become your friend on Facebook. If you want to become friends with a person who you’ve unblocked, you’ll need to send them a friend request.

To unblock someone on Facebook, you have two options:

Viewing your list of Blocked Users on Facebook Mobile or Desktop Full Website

Below are steps on how to view the list of users on your Facebook blocked list on Mobile and Desktop.

How to view the blocked list and unblocking friends on mobile devices

  • Open your Facebook application.
  • Click the “menu bar” on the bottom right corner of your screen (for iPhone). This “menu bar” is on the top right corner on Android devices.
  • Scroll down to find and click “Settings.” This step is non-existent on Android devices
  • Click “Account Settings”
  • Scroll down through the options and select “Blocking.”

A new FB page comes up with a list of users that have been blocked by you.

Unblocking People who were blocked on desktop

  • Login to your Facebook account by visiting the Facebook website and entering your login credentials.
  • Click the downward-facing arrow on the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Click “Blocking” on the left side of the “Settings” page.

Alternatively, you can also do the following:

  1. Click  on the top right of any Facebook page as far as you are signed in with your account
  2. Click “Privacy Shortcuts”
  3. Click “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”
  4. Click “View All Blocked Users.”
  5. Click “Unblock” next to the name of the person you want to unblock.

It’s entirely your choice to unblock people when you finally see your blocked list on Facebook. Cheers, and please share this article.

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