Facebook Avatar 2020 – How to Share your Facebook Avatar 2020 to News Feed


The new feature that Facebook has introduced to its Facebook platform has made Facebook Avatar 2020 speak to so many lips. Facebook Avatar 2020 has grown into one of the best avatar developers in social media platform history. People are now talking about the new Facebook feature that everyone now uses and the feature that allows you to customize a virtual lookalike of yourself in comments and messenger chats to be used as stickers. I will talk about Facebook Avatar 2020 in this post, and I want you to read it to the end.

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Facebook Avatar 2020

Facebook Avatar 2020 was just launched recently to the Facebook platform. Normally Facebook is a social media platform that is used for communication. You can communicate with friends and family using the Facebook social media platform. Facebook has recently added so many features to their program for all Facebook users to enjoy them for using Facebook. the following are the names of the newly added feature Facebook has just recently added: Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Dating, Facebook Ludo, and even Facebook Avatar these are a few of the features added to Facebook.

Through using the Facebook avatar function on your Facebook website, the Facebook avatar is the embodiment, presence, or rebirth of someone through the internet. One thing that you need to remember is that your identity is your avatar. Whatever you want it to be, and what you project to others, you may choose to make your Avatar. There are so many p[people online on Facebook who have a different image than in person. The Facebook avatar 2020 is the avatar used visually to re-present non-visual concepts or ideas, or an image used to portray a person in the smartphone and internet virtual world.

Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar is the embodiment of a person or idea. However, Facebook avatar refers to a character that represents you when you want to chat on messenger or any other Facebook platform.  The Facebook Avatar is also a cartoon avatar character maker that helps in creating the avatar that is almost close to what you look like. The Facebook Avatar has so many features compared to other avatar creators such as adding birthmarks, band-aid, blemishes, a third-eye, scars, etc.

How to Create a Facebook Account

  • Go to www.facebook.com/
  • Enter your name, email or phone number, date of birth gender, and password.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • To finish creating your Facebook account, you need to confirm your email or phone number, you used for the registration.
  • Type in the code in the box provided by Facebook.
  • Then you are done.

How to Access Facebook Avatar 2020

Before you can access the Facebook avatar you need to have a registered Facebook account and log in to the Facebook account to enable you to access the Facebook avatar. You can only access the Facebook avatar feature using your Android or iOS device to access the Facebook Avatar 2020.  To access the Facebook avatar using the Android or iOS device you have to follow the steps I will be showing you. See the steps below:

  • With your mobile phone open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • On the open Facebook account page.
  • Click on the “Menu Button” on the bottom right corner which appears as three horizontal lines.
  • Scroll down and click on the “See More” section to expand it.
  • You will notice a new button branded Avatars with a purple smiley face.
  • Click on the Avatars and follow the instructions as appeared on your screen to guide you through the creation process.
  • You will have to pick your hairstyles, body shape, makeup, and clothing in other for you to customize your look alike.
  • Click on “Get Started” to start your creation
  • Click on save your creation once you are satisfied with your look.

NOTE: Facebook will load up a static image of your brand new avatar. Now you will have few options to edit the avatar and share it with your friends, family, and others, through Messenger.

How to Use Facebook Avatar 2020 in Messenger

You can share you already made Facebook avatar on Facebook messenger to friends and family through the use of personal stickers. Sharing Facebook Avatar 2020 in messenger can be simple only if you follow the steps I will be sharing with you. See the steps below:

  • On the Avatars landing page, click on the second of three buttons in the top-right corner.
  • You will be radiated to the sticker menu where you have so many stickers including your own avatar.
  • Click on any sticker and you will be asked to send through Messenger.
  • Choose the person you want to send the avatar to and it will appear like a conversation.
  • Click on the curved arrow button in the top-right corner to share.

This is how you can share the Facebook avatar on Messenger.

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How to Share your Facebook Avatar 2020 to News Feed

The following is how you can share your Facebook avatar to your news feed. See the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook app and log-in to your account.
  • Click on the menu button as represented in three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You have to scroll down and tap “See More”.
  • Click on “Avatars”. If you have frequently used the Avatar menu, you may see the avatar button above the See More menu.
  • Click on the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Share to Feed”.
  • Click on one of the poses under “Select a Pose” and then click on “Share” at the bottom of the screen.
  • You have to click on “Post” in the top-right corner of the screen to share your avatar to your News Feed.

NOTE: The Avatar will be added to your news feed after you share. You can still click on “What’s on your mind?” to add a personal comment to your post before sharing it.

Facebook Comments

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