Top 9 Richest Churches in the World and their Financial Worth

Top 9 Richest Churches in the World and their Financial Worth: The Church is a sacred place where, as ordered by Christ in the Bible, Christians pray, worship God, and carry out holy practices. In terms of their financial valuation, most of these historical churches are considered to be highly rich. Richest Churches in the World


Top 9 Richest Churches in the World and Financial Worth

We list the top 9 richest churches in the world, their headquarters, and their worth, respectively, in no specific order.

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, founded by the Apostles of Jesus, is the oldest and richest Church in Christianity. It has around 2 billion baptized followers to its credit and has influenced the world’s history over the years. Richest Churches in the World

This religious organization, also known as the Roman Catholic church, is led by the Pope, Forbes’ fourth most influential individual in the world, and has more than 3000 dioceses in nearly every continent and nation in the world. Its headquarters are in Rome’s Vatican City.

As most of its collections, historical objects, paintings, Gothic buildings, etc., are registered at the Vatican, the riches of the Catholic Church is worth more than $50 billion. Some claim that this statistic may be incorrect since it may be difficult to quantify the importance of the Church.

Bishops named by the Pope himself oversee the various dioceses, while pastors, deacons, and priests head separate parishes. The Catholic Church remains the largest Christian Church from which other denominations have arisen. Richest Churches in the World

Anglican (Church of England)

At the time of King Henry VIII in 1534, the Anglican Church or Church of England was independent of the Catholic Church. During this time, the Pope had failed to grant Catherine of Aragon his divorce request to King Henry. The Church of England renounced its association with Rome and the Papacy at this time.

The Anglican Church today has a membership of more than 25 million people and is often known to be one of the world’s richest churches. While most countries have distanced themselves from the Archbishop of Canterbury, England, who is the primate, and the Queen, who is seen as the Sole Governor of the Anglican Church, her doctrines are still in use to date. Richest Churches in the World

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Often known as the LDS or Mormon Church, this religious group has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. They have approximately 17 million members worldwide and are present and still expanding in more than 176 nations with separate missionaries and congregations exceeding 120,000.

In Fayette, New York, in 1830, the father of the Mormon Church was Joseph Smith. The Mormons believe in Jesus Christ but have a different view of God’s existence and mankind’s potential. They base their doctrine, apart from the Holy Bible, on the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of the Great Price.

They are ranked among the richest religious organizations according to Wikipedia, as they are worth $40 billion and also make $4 billion in annual profits.

Episcopalian Church

After the American Revolution, the Episcopal Church split from the Church of England. This religious movement, founded in 1785, sees itself as Protestant and even Catholic. Their priests and their clergy do not swear allegiance to the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Queen of England. Richest Churches in the World

Michael Curry is the present primate, and the headquarters of this Church is at 815 Second Avenue, New York, United States. In nations such as Micronesia, Taiwan, South America, and also Europe, the Episcopalian Church has more than a million baptized members and dioceses. Many of the representatives of this Church are also extremely rich.

Protestant Churches

There are Christian religious bodies opposed to the teachings of the Papacy and Roman Catholics. They base their system of faith on the word of God found in the Bible, rejecting any other pope-made additions.

There are more than 30,000 Protestant denominations spread across the world as of today. Their history, in fact, can be traced back to Martin Luther in 1517, when the Holy See spoke again. They, too, are ranked at the top in terms of accumulated wealth. Richest Churches in the World

Often it can be hard to know which Church between the Catholic Church and the Protestant movement is the richest. This is because there are schools, buildings, hospitals, and other properties in the Protestant churches around the world that cost billions of dollars.

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Pentecostal Churches

Richest Churches in the World – Today, most of the world’s wealthiest pastors are from Pentecostal churches. These are the churches of modern times that have arisen and have different doctrines that verge more on prosperity. Within this movement, the likes of Bishop T.D Jakes, Joel Osteen, Bishop David Oyedepo, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn are just a few preachers.

In reality, David Oyedepo, a prominent Pentecostal shepherd worth over $150 million, is the name of the world’s richest pastor. He is also a Nigerian, and, according to the Forbes list, he has numerous investments, colleges, businesses, and his Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as the Winners Chapel, is one of the largest in the world.

Although they still preach Christ, the assets put together by these Pentecostal churches are worth billions of dollars as they run costly budgets, have private jets, corporations, and even run tele-evangelical ministries. Under this religious organization, several prominent Pentecostal churches include House of Potter, God’s Redeemed Christian Church, Winner Chapel, etc.

Church of Scientology

As most religions do, this church belief combines science and theology together and focuses more on life than heaven and hell. The Church of Scientology, based in Gilman Hot Springs, California in the United States, started in 1953 and has since grown to be one of the world’s wealthiest religious organizations. Worldwide, it has over ten to fifteen million members. Richest Churches in the World

The assets of the Church have crossed the $1.3 billion mark, and through their Scientology courses, this religious organization makes profits. The Church also issues its recruiters with around 10 percent commissions. It is understood that these individuals attract new members to the Church.

Free Masonry

Freemasonry is an old occult, which started with the formation of the Grand Lodge in England in 1717. This religious organization has almost all the wealthiest men and billionaires in the world as members, and the political and economic will of most countries is said to be dominated and determined by them.

The Masons primarily argue that they work on the principle of getting good out of their members. In the past, brotherhood or freemasonry was only available to men. It was in 1908 that the first lodge for women was licensed. With occult and mystical abilities, secret rituals, and styles to increase their ranks among the ten wealthiest church organizations on earth, the Free Masons are known to manage a lot of wealth.

Porvoo Communion

Richest Churches in the World – The Porvoo Communion is the last of the world’s richest churches on our list. Established in 1992, the Porvoo Communion consists of 15 Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran churches, mainly in northern Europe and some in southwestern Europe. There is no head, chief, or general overseer for them.

They have colleges, schools, hospitals, and other institutions that make up much of the properties of the Church. There is one Anglican bishop and a Lutheran bishop in the Church. This causes the two joint responsibilities to supervise the activities of the members of the Church on either side. Richest Churches in the World

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