Thirteen Special things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Thirteen Special things to Do for Your Boyfriend: More than the moon and stars combined, you love your boyfriend. He’s a pillar of yours, your home. Don’t you wait for a special day or a holiday to do something special for him? For your boyfriend, sweet stuff to do can be done every day. You could choose to leave a note in his lunch box or take a special place for him. Spark your imagination to show him that the world is yours.


Something Special to Do for Your Boyfriend

Say What’s on Your Mind

If you love the way that when he beams, his eyes crinkle at the edges, say so. If you’re in awe of the way he knows when you need a hug and steps in to give it to you, let him know. If it’s a general compliment, or if I love you, say what’s on your mind. Communication is the secret to a good relationship, and it will make him feel respected to say sweet stuff to your significant other. Stuff to say to him include suggestions for:

  • You can always make me smile.
  • You give the best hugs.
  • Thank you for changing the oil in my car.
  • Those are some impressive biceps!
  • I feel like I can tell you anything.

Plan His Ideal Date as a Surprise

Unless you already know him very well, you will need to do some prep work for this one. Slip questions, such as food he would like to try or what his favorites are, into daily conversations. Find out what his dream movies are or what he wanted to see in the theater but skipped them. See if the stuff that he always wanted to do but never had a chance can be gleaned from the conversations. You could go rock-climbing with him, then come home to shower and watch his favorite movie while eating something he really likes or has always been curious about. Once you find out what to do with your boyfriend, it could end up being one of your most unique dates yet.

Choose one or a combination of these ideas:

  • Get tickets to see him play in a sporting event with his favorite team.
  • Take him on a skydive or walk.
  • Cook a favorite meal or dessert for him.
  • Take together a class that plays with his interests.

Hide Romantic Notes

Around the house, in his briefcase or backpack, in his pockets, under his pillow, you can conceal romantic notes—anywhere that he can find one when he least expects it. During the holidays, you might also do this; make the notes part of candy wrappers, for example. Get imaginative and think of other ways to add romantic messages so that later he can find them. For romantic stuff to do for your boyfriend, consider these ideas for inspiration:

  • Write a note in the steam in the mirror after your shower, if you live together. The note will re-appear the next time he showers.
  • Get up early if he normally takes food to work or school, and pack a lunch for him. Write on his napkin a note.
  • Slip one of them into the book that he’s reading.
  • A post-it note on the screen of his Pc.
  • He was attached to his steering wheel, or to his seatbelt, or to his windshield wipers.

Be Nice to His Family

This could mean his dog or his wife. After a meal, give your mom flowers or help her clean up, and you’ll be sure to earn brownie points. Pick up a special treat or toy if he has a puppy. Get the members of the family to love you, and they will look at you with a renewed sense of respect. What else are you capable of doing?

  • Take his grandmother out for some coffee (or bring her some).
  • Help him shop for his mom’s perfect birthday present. Don’t give pointers alone. Oh, go with her.
  • Give small gifts like candy or sweet, silly toys and figurines to family members. However, make sure they have meaning; if his dad likes comics, for example, consider offering him an action figure of his favorite character.
  • Tell his family what a caring, considerate son they raised.
  • It means a lot to simply show up for family events, especially if you try to help out any way you can—keeping an eye on the children, cleaning up, or setting up additional tables and chairs.

Bring Back an Old Memory

If your guy doesn’t suit the book idea, maybe he had a favorite toy or possession as a kid that he missed or gave away. See if you can find anything to offer him that is really close. Perhaps as a kid, he loved his Teddy Ruxpin bear, but it got lost in a revolution. Other suggestions of old memories for doing nice stuff could include:

  • Getting his favorite picture of a child matted and framed when he was.
  • Organizing into a scrapbook his old pictures and keepsakes, which is something he’ll have to know about in advance, but still sweet.

Make Him a Collage of Your Relationship

Take old photographs, movie ticket stubs, special notes, and everything else that your partnership reflects and organize in a collage that he can hang in his home. Sometimes, homemade presents are some of the most exclusive. So keep your camera handy and hold on to some little thing that reminds you of your dates. This one takes some preparation. Keep in a box the photos and ticket stubs until you have collected enough. Other possibilities include:

  • A scrapbook (you get to pick fun papers and add-ons this way!)
  • A shadow box that will allow you to add larger, more bulky objects, such as the pen he borrowed as an excuse to ask you out and get your name.

Public Displays of Affection

This only works if you know he’s the kind of guy who wants to publicly display affection. If you’re the kind of guy who typically doesn’t want to do anything more than hold hands in front of other people, it works best because he’ll know that you’re doing it specifically for him. For your boyfriend, a few cute things to do that are not too over-the-top include:

  • At a backyard barbecue, throw your arm around his waist.
  • Give him a short kiss at the fair to win you a stuffed animal—or just because you want to.
  • Spend a little more time dancing in his embrace.
  • Place the other hand on top while you’re sitting and holding hands, and lean in to get even closer.

In most situations, no matter what your position is on PDAs, you’ll probably want to save the real make-out sessions for private moments, but you can still show your friend—and others—just how much he means to you by leaning in a little closer or giving him a quick hug or kiss.

Be Honest About Your Needs

Being frank with them is one of the best gifts you can give your partner. In a kind and considerate manner, tell your boyfriend what you like and hate. Doing so makes it easier for him to fulfill your needs and gives you both the space to enjoy a happy, balanced relationship where disagreements are nipped in the bud.

  • Specifically, tell him what makes you feel loved and happy.
  • Give him examples of special things he did for you that really made you feel cared for. Maybe he was shocked.
  • Encourage him to tell you what he really likes and what particular things you have done for him that have made him feel loved.

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Plan an Amazing Meal

Ask your boyfriend for the best meal he’s ever had and try to recreate the ideal date night for him. If you live together and say you want to go out for dinner, catch him off guard and tell him to meet you at your place or at home.

  • Configure the table beautifully and light a few candles. Serve your favorite meal and enjoy spending time with yourself.
  • Pack your favorite meal in a picnic basket and head as a couple to one of your favorite spots.
  • Find a drive-in and carry to-go your awesome lunch.

Surprise Him at Work

To brighten his day, surprise him during his lunch break. You can have lunch with him, or you can bring him a packed lunch, and you can sit outside and eat with him. This is a fun way to make your day and yours a little brighter. Going the extra mile for him is going to show him how much he means to you and how much you’ve been worrying about him.

  • Pack and share a large lunch of his favorite on the go meal.
  • Take a stroll and treat him to a coffee or a goodie together.
  • Bring him an afternoon smoothie and a healthy snack to have.

Help Him Relax

Life can be difficult, and finding a loving partner who takes care of you feels incredible. It can be a perfect way to show your partner how important he is to you by arranging some surprise de-stress activities.

  • Surprise him with a romantic massage equipped with massage oil or lotion and candles.
  • Draw him a soothing bath of essential oils and put a warm cloth over his eyes.
  • Create a calming playlist before bed for him to listen to.
  • Make some homemade soup and freeze it for him so that whenever he likes, he can have delicious soup.
  • Buy him comfortable pajamas, socks, and night slippers to wear.

Choose the Best Things to Do

You and your boyfriend may have numerous ideas about which gestures are the most unique. That’s perfectly natural, so don’t be discouraged if in the past you’ve been trying to do sweet stuff for him, and they’ve fallen flat. He may have felt the same way. Just look for a nice way to show your love for him, and even if it’s not exactly his style, he will appreciate the effort.

Speak His Love Language

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman reveals how, as a result of the same movements, not everyone feels loved. Afterwords of affirmation, some people feel cherished, others after they have been given a gift, some need physical contact, and so on. Watch the reactions of your boyfriend or look at the Love Languages website together to identify the best way to keep your relationship strong and show your love for each other.

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