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Nigeria Zip Codes | Nigeria Zip Codes and States Dialing Codes

Nigeria Zip Codes | Nigeria Zip Codes and States Dialing Codes: You can get a lot of information about Nigerian Postal Codes and Zip Codes here.

The salutations. Thank you for visiting the webpage for Nigerian Zip Codes. You received this message because you were searching for one of our Nigerian postal codes or ZIP codes. For that, this webpage was optimized. We recently carried out a survey on where people in your area receive their news from (Nigeria Zip code). Where our zip code was, we weren’t fully convinced. So, in Nigeria, we decided to search for zip codes / postal codes in Nigeria. The summary is that in Nigeria, we failed to find an appropriate postal code. Perhaps the difference between the three different kinds of addresses was not known to us.

Dialing and Zip Code codes have a great deal of misunderstanding. There is a possible solution, however, to our ZIP code woes highlighted in this article. Clarity can be expected, so read on.

Nigeria Zip Codes

What’s the ZIP code here?

Zip Codes for Nigeria-Some have asked what ZIP codes mean. In order to identify a ZIP code and to assign a zoning code, ZIP codes are used. In other countries, the system in use is the postal code system. Addresses don’t use postal codes in the US. ZIP codes are nonetheless used for the same purposes as traditional postal codes. With postal codes, the ZIP codes that are mostly used for mailing purposes are also implied.

Also, the difference between the postal code and codes. Nigeria Zip Codes-In Nigeria, the national postal code of the country, some of our gangs think + 234. The good news is that the exact definition of Nigerian Zip Codes will be learned by the reader. The Zip Code of Nigeria is not +234. For all of her states, the dialing code is + 234. Everyone in Nigeria uses the same code for their country. +23480********, for example.

Nigerian Postal Codes’ Association or APC.

9 State Postal Code in Nigeria
The ZIP Code is made up of two digits and has 6 numbers. NIPOST divides Nigeria into nine (9) regions that make up the individual postcode’s first digit. The first digit is combined with all the 2, 3, and 4 digit postal codes of Nigeria. Incoming sorting material for dispatch is processed by the combination. The zip code is meant for mail delivery.

In each capital city region, Nigerian Postal Codes locate addresses
Each main post office will have an eight-digit postal code that ends with the number one. Nigeria Zip Codes- For instance:

Lagos’s zip code is 1000001.
Lokoja, Postal Code Abia is (2700001).
970001 is the postal code.
Nigeria’s Port Harcourt postal code.

Nigeria Zip Codes-The postal code/zip codes end with 001 for the headquarters (Canada Post). The lowest postal code is 100001, otherwise known as a zip code, and 930001 is the highest. Lagos and Abuja have the lowest postcode digits, while Garki has the highest ones.

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Is the Post Office of Nigeria still operational?

Nigeria Zip Codes-The answer is yes, even if email and internet/social networks are not available, postal codes and postal service will still be able to work. The Nigerian postal system won’t be able to compete with other large companies. This is because mail is delivered quicker by the post offices. P.O.BOX addresses that further confirm the significance of these numbers are NIPOST issues.

Official Website for Nigeria Post Codes:

Please note that all zip codes are not delivered to the USPS. For complete information, visit Zip Codes of Nigeria

To help those who can’t see the image of the postal code above, we’ll now post it with the postal code below instead. Provided below is

Nigeria Zip Codes – A mail with a postcode of 00001 is received by each main office in every region in every country.
For instance:

Garki also has its head office at 970001 in Abuja.
The Ikeja central office is located at 100001 Lagos Postal Code.
In Kogi, the postal code 270001 is Lokoja.
The zip code of Port Harcourt is 500001.
The lowest postcode in Nigeria changed to 9999999, but the most recent one changed to 9820002. Through the NIPOST Official Portal, you can easily obtain your constituency data. Zip Codes of Nigeria

What is the correct Zip Code for Nigeria?

Below is the list of all Nigeria’s postcodes for your convenience.

Abuja-the 900001.
Nigeria’s Abia State.
state of Adamawa, Nigeria.
Akwa-State Ibom 520001.
State of Anambra, Nigeria, 420001.
state of Bauchi, Nigeria.
state of Borno, Nigeria.
3,200,010. Delta State-
The State of Edo, Nigeria.
400001. Enugu-
The State of Imo-Nigeria
State of Jigawa, Nigeria; 0720001.
state of Kano, Nigeria.
The State of Kaduna, Nigeria
The state of Kanu, 820001.
State of Kebbi (Nigeria) [860001].
260001 in Oklahoma.
Nigeria, the State of Kwara, 240001.
Lagos-the 101001.
Metropolitan Area of Lagos – 100001.
US-920001. The United States
The State of Ogun, Nigeria
The state of Ondo, Nigeria.
State of Osun, Nigeria, 230001.
State of Oyo 201001.
State Plateau 930001, Nigeria.
The state of Rivers, Nigeria.
884055 The state of Sokoto is
State of Taraba, Nigeria-660001.
The State of Yobe, Nigeria.
State of Ebonyi, Nigeria.

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