How To Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace

How To Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace: You have learned about diversifying your revenue sources, but what about your distribution channels for e-commerce? It’s time to mix things up with Facebook’s social commerce site, Marketplace if you’re selling physical goods, and you just depend on ONE channel to carry home the bacon. It’s a quick, simple, cost-effective way to hit the ground running and improve your sales:

It’s free to use.

  • It comes with a built-in audience of 800 million monthly users.
  • You don’t need a website to sell.
  • And you can create listings on the go with the Facebook app.

And when you combine that with statistics like

  • 78% of US citizens use Facebook to find new products.
  • 30% of consumers would purchase via Facebook.
  • 1 in 4 business owners sells through Facebook.

You leave money on the table, and you lose the competitive advantage.

We will dive deep into everything you need to know about the Facebook Marketplace in this post, how to build your first listing, the advantages, and what you can do to maximize your sales on the site.

Sell Products on Fbook Marketplace

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Like Craigslist and eBay, the Facebook marketplace is… just better. It’s a peer-to-peer network where new and pre-owned products can be bought and sold. The Facebook Marketplace is the newest way for e-commerce businesses to make transactions and take advantage of the social media network’s 2.7 billion monthly active users without spending a dime on listings or advertising. All you need to do is upload your offer, and you’ll get access to a local audience ready to buy what you’re selling in under 60 seconds.

Six (6) Benefits of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Is Safer than Other Platforms

The lack of accountability and transparency is what makes Craigslist “untrustworthy.” You can claim to be anybody on Craigslist, and there is not a lot of data to help buyers and sellers weed out those pesky scammers. There is an extra element of confidence with the Facebook Marketplace. A Facebook account is linked to each buyer and seller. It gives you the option of snooping and double-checking that the person is “real” by:

Looking at profiles

  • Checking how long the account has been active on Facebook
  • Seeing previous Marketplace activity
  • Reporting any suspicious sellers and buyers

While it’s no guarantee Facebook Marketplace is scam-free, its lack of anonymity is a safer option for everyone.

It’s Free to List an Item

The best thing about using Facebook Marketplace? You don’t need to pay a single cent to the platform. It’s free to create a Facebook personal account or business page and free to list an item.

Unlike other platforms who have:

  • Non-refundable listing deposits
  • Insertion fees
  • Final value fees

Facebook Marketplace has none of that. It’s one of the most affordable options for small e-commerce businesses.

Sellers and Buyers Can Send Instant Messages to Each Other

Instant gratification. It’s a cultural value we’ve adopted from the Internet, and it’s made us impatient.

We expect:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Lightning-fast website load times
  • The ability to order taxis, food, and even dates with a swipe of our finger

But why should it be any different from online shopping? By enabling buyers and sellers to connect with Messenger instantly, Facebook solves our addiction. It’s an amazing inbound marketing plan. You risk losing the sale if a customer has a question about your product, and you don’t respond.

By helping you close the deal before the customer goes on and buys from someone else, the Facebook Marketplace nips any future benefit pitfalls in the bud.

You Have Better Odds of Making a Sale

I don’t know about you, but when I go to sites like Craigslist, I’m looking for a specific thing. Facebook Marketplace operates somewhat differently. The platform capitalizes on the scrolling patterns of the consumer, which increases someone’s chances of stumbling across your object.

In their timeline and in recently viewed items, users will see Marketplace ads, increasing the chance of a sale. Then there is the sheer number of people every month using the Marketplace.

Eight hundred million individuals use the site, according to Facebook, which is significantly fewer than the 55 million monthly users of Craigslist.

Post Your Listing to Facebook Groups

Facebook is full of groups that “buy & sell.”

  • There are individuals primed to buy inside each one, making it easier to make a sale than eBay, Gum tree, or Craigslist.
  • By enabling you to post your listing to appropriate “buy & sell” groups in your area, Facebook takes it a step further.
  • You can list your product on a mobile device in up to ten groups that you’re a part of.
  • You pick ten at a time on the desktop and then go back and add ten more listings until you’re finished.

Doing so boosts your organic reach on Facebook and, even with a zero ad budget, gives you invaluable exposure. Only make sure that you don’t spam or over-post.

Facebook Creates a Personalized Shopping Experience

The powerful algorithm on Facebook doesn’t stop at your news feed. “It greets you with “Today’s Picks” when you click on Marketplace. A curated selection of items on Facebook related to past searches, likes, and interactions.

It almost guarantees that the user has some interest in what you are selling if your item lands up here. If you combine that with the localized shopping experience of the app, it improves your chances of a sale once again, and that is some strong stuff.

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How to Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace

It’s ridiculously quick to build a listing on the Facebook Marketplace. The “platform” is integrated into the Facebook desktop and mobile app, and a listing on the Facebook marketplace takes only a minute to set up. At the same time, the process is much, much longer on sites like eBay. With more fields to fill out, getting your things listed and alive will take a greater chunk of your time. Want to get in on all the action?

To get your first Facebook Marketplace listing on the website, follow those four simple steps.

Step 1: Access Facebook Marketplace

Log onto Facebook via your desktop and select Marketplace on the left-hand side of the screen. If you don’t see it on the menu, click the “See More” button, scroll down until you see the Marketplace icon, and select it. For smartphone users, open the app and tap the “shop front” icon at the top of the screen.

NOTE: You don’t need a separate account to use the feature. You can sell with a personal or business Facebook account.

Step 2: Create Your First Listing

On the left-hand side of the screen, click the blue “+Sell Something” button. A new screen will load, prompting you to choose a listing type from the following options:

  • Item for sale
  • Vehicle for sale
  • Property for rent or sale
  • Job opening

For mobile users, tap the “Sell” button at the top of the screen and select your listing type.

Step 3: Fill Out Your Listing

Next, fill out the following information about your listing:

  • Add photos (you’ll need AT LEAST one)
  • Create your listing title (remember to use keywords people are searching for)
  • Add your price
  • Choose a relevant listing category from the drop-down list
  • Select the condition of the item you’re selling from the drop-down list
  • Add relevant product tags
  • Add your location
  • Select the number of items available
  • Delivery method (shipping or local pick up)
  • Shipping rate (if applicable)

Facebook Marketplace Categories

You can list items in the following categories:

  • Classifieds
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Deals
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Home & Garden
  • Housing
  • Vehicles

When you’re done, click “Publish,” and your first Facebook Marketplace listing is officially live!

Step 4: Closing the Sale

Once a potential buyer stumbles across your listing, you can discuss all the details through Messenger. When you’re both happy, payment is made through processors like Shopify or Big Commerce.

How to Increase Your Facebook Marketplace Sales

Maximize your sales on Marketplace with these simple yet effective tips and tricks.

Do Your Research

Do your homework before you make your first listing. Go to the Marketplace and see what items in your niche are popular. You can do this to see the best-sellers and visit company websites by sleuthing on categories. The top-performing goods are always listed first if a page has a store. You will get a good idea of supply and demand, price points, and how you can differentiate yourself from everyone else by putting in the time to see what’s trending on the platform.

Use Facebook Ads

You can build Facebook ads for your listings once you understand what products are common. And you’ll see a much higher ROI and a rise in revenue because you’ve done your homework and know there’s a strong interest. You can also retarget people who have bought from you in the past and follow your page by using ads.

Optimize Your Listing with Keywords

SEO isn’t just for bloggers and blogs. Facebook Marketplace applies the same concepts. You need to make sure that you’re using the correct keywords if you want your listing to rank on the search results and get noticed by your ideal customer. Using your main keywords in the title and semantic keywords in the overview of the product, optimize your page.

Let’s say you’re selling an iPhone, for instance. A consumer would like to know such things as:

The model

  • Storage capacity
  • The color
  • The condition of the device
  • What accessories it comes with (like a charger, AirPods, etc.)

Those are all keywords you want to include in your listing to rank higher in the algorithm.

Improve Your Photos

When making a purchase, 93 percent of customers say visual appearance is the primary determining factor. So if your pictures are a blurry, pixelated mess and you don’t have any sales, it’s time to upload your photography game to your product.

The good news here? You don’t need a professional photographer to be hired. Using only your smartphone, you can get high-quality photos.

All you need is Good, natural lighting

  • A clean background (a solid black or white background works best)
  • A tripod (if you have shaky hands)
  • Presets (you can find free ones for Lightroom Mobile on Pinterest)

Your listings will immediately become more visually appealing with these four items in your arsenal.

NOTE: When taking pictures of your goods, make sure to display any defects and warranty detail and avoid stock photos. It will make it look fake to your listing.

Aim for a Strong Seller Record

Facebook offers two different badges to sellers for how well you connect with customers. Make it a priority to work to boost your image, confidence, and sales with potential customers towards both badges.

  1. Very Responsive Badge: Awarded to sellers who respond quickly on Messenger to potential buyers.
  2. Community Recommended Badge: Awarded to sellers with a high rating on Marketplace.


There is no longer a spot for casual garage sales on the Facebook Marketplace. For you, it is a quick, convenient, inexpensive way to develop your e-commerce business. With access to the giant scope of Facebook, you can discover new customers without a big network or spending cash. All you have to do is take the plunge and upload to the site your enticing bid, follow my sales-boosting tips, and wait for the cash to start rolling in.

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