How To Sell Furniture On Facebook Marketplace


A great way to make a quick buck is to sell furniture on the Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell used furniture if you are trying to get rid of something you’re no longer using, or you want to sell something you’ve found in a thrift store to make a profit.

I have to admit that FB Marketplace is far superior to Craigslist, even though I was reluctant to shift my sales and purchases from Craigslist to Facebook Marketplace. I also have an article on the Facebook Marketplace about the best products to sell. Searching as a buyer is easier, and selling as a seller is more successful. I also feel much better going through the FB Marketplace because I can see the profile of the person purchasing my items. All in all, via FB Marketplace, I had a perfect experience selling furniture, and I made hundreds of dollars for that!

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There are some important tips and tricks to remember if you want to sell your furniture to FB Marketplace successfully. You can take a short photo, post it, and do it, but you’re not going to sell your product quickly or at a reasonable cost. You will sell your product faster and at a better price by taking a bit of time to do your homework and pre-work.


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Ways to Sell Furniture on Facebook Marketplace

Some ways to allow you to sell your used or new furniture online are below.


Take Good Photos

Categorically, taking stunning and trendy images is the most important aspect of selling your furniture effectively on the FB Marketplace. I am so saddened and annoyed by the poor quality of the pictures people share with their customers. Taking a quality photo on your screen just takes a few minutes. Make sure your picture is as nice and bright as you can, take photos from all angles, and close up some of the faults. In the long run, this will save you time as it will reduce queries from potential customers.



In the end, another way to save time is to take measurements of your piece of furniture and post them on the list. Even if you’re selling something where the scale seems obvious or inconsequential, going ahead and taking measurements is a good rule of thumb. More often than not, if you have not listed them, people ask for dimensions. It will prevent you from having to track down the tape measure, send a message back and forth with the buyers, and update your listing if you go ahead and do this on the front end.


Offer porch pickup for smaller items

When a seller offers porch pickups for smaller items, I love it as a frequent buyer on the FB Marketplace. For anyone involved, it’s more convenient because it stops the seller and buyer from dealing with or negotiating schedules with a stranger. If you sell a small furniture item at a lower price point, it could attract more buyers who are not interested in having to arrange schedules by providing a porch pick up. Porch pickup implies that you put the item on the porch, and after paying you via Venmo or Paypal, the seller picks it up at their convenience.


Research the price

You must take a couple of minutes before you post your listing to get the price first. In throwing up a fast post and selling it easily, I made a mistake several times, to find out later that I should have sold the item at a higher price. Similar items will possibly be sold even more than you would expect if you have a special or antique item. You can price anything much higher than it is worth on the market in the same way. Check-in your area for comparable goods and get your competitive price. If you want yours to be priced higher than that, make sure to mention in the description of why it is worth more.


Have a plan for negotiations

To make room for negotiations, I always price my stuff a little higher. A marginally lower price will be offered by the majority of citizens. Going down the price would make it more probable for the client to buy the item from you. Be sure to say “firm” in your listing if you do not want to go down in price. But instead of saying “firm,” in my experience, it’s just priced a little higher, keeping in mind what the bottom line is.


Put your furniture in a spot that is easily accessible when it comes time to sell

It might seem to be a brainer, but it’s a vital one. The last thing you want to do when you sell items in storage, and someone wants to buy them that day is trying to move them out of storage or make a stranger walk through your house to your store. I still have my item in the driveway so that it’s readily accessible when someone comes to pick it up, and they don’t have to walk through my door.


Be honest and descriptive of any flaws in your posting.

Lately, I have been trying to buy a desk from the FB Marketplace. I had already paid for Venmo’s desk, but when I went to pick it up, the desk was jaded. About their posts and their photographs, the seller was not honest. Fortunately, they kindly reimbursed me for the money, but later that afternoon, I saw it listed again with the same deceptive photos. Save yourself time and hassle in your transactions by being honest. In the long run, attempting to trick your clients into buying something by being dishonest would only give you time and energy. Try placing any flaws or damaged areas before selling them to get a better deal if you’re disturbed.

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