How To Fix The Facebook Marketplace that Doesn’t Work?

How To Fix The Facebook Marketplace that Doesn’t Work? Facebook Marketplace is an exceptional and essential feature of Facebook for its regular users, but many people seem to report that it does not work. Many explanations can be related to why the Marketplace is not running, such as your account’s age, age, or maybe your country does not support the Marketplace.

Facebook’s Marketplace was first launched in 2016 as a secure way for individuals to buy and sell items within their local areas. It has rapidly developed to be one of the most used sites in these four years, used by millions of people to discover and buy stuff and sell products and earn a living.

But recently, it seems like a lot of people have been dealing with it. As many individuals complain about not being able to navigate the Facebook Marketplace or that it does not operate on a wide variety of devices on their phones, such as the Ipad, iPhone, or Android tablet, or inside the Android App. There are still many users on the desktop site who seem to be facing errors, and it drives utterly insane the people selling on the website.

Fix The Fbook Marketplace

Reasons why Facebook Marketplace doesn’t work?

There may be several reasons why you can not get the marketplace option on the Facebook app or website, some of which are listed below with explanations:

  • Account Age: If you have a reasonably new Facebook account, then the marketplace feature may not have been enabled for you. To avoid spam and abuse of the system, Facebook limits new accounts from accessing the Marketplace.
  • Your Age: There are also many claims that Facebook Marketplace is disabled for users below the age of 18, and these claims are valid because only users above the age of 18 can access the marketplace feature. You could try to bypass it by changing your age, but I doubt whether that would work.
  • Living in an Unsupported Country: Marketplace is open to most individuals who are 18 and older and reside in Argentina, Australia, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and 40 other countries, according to Facebook, from here you can search the full list.
  • Your Device isn’t supported: Facebook Marketplace no longer supports many older iPhones and Android devices and even the iPod touch. Facebook argues that it endorses the iPhone marketplace over the iPhone 5 version. So if you have a very old phone with fewer resources such as RAM and CPU, then your computer could be restricted to the marketplace feature, and you can try using your Facebook account in a web browser and try accessing the Marketplace in it.

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How to fix the Facebook Marketplace not working on Android?

It seems that on their android phones, many individuals can not locate the marketplace icon in the Facebook app. Then take these steps below to get it back if you are one of them:

  • First of all, check if your app has been modified to the latest edition. Open the Google Play Store and search for the app on Facebook and check whether you have the new update. If not, please update it, as you may be losing out on the Marketplace because you haven’t activated this update.
  • Next, open the Facebook app and then open the Facebook app’s home page as in the screenshot below.
  • If there is no Marketplace icon like the screenshot below on the top shelf, transfer to the next level.
  • Click the hamburger menu icon on the top shelf to the far right, and then you will see various sets of choices such as “View your profile,” “Friends,” “Groups,” etc.
  • Then swipe up a bit and pick the option ‘Marketplace’ from the collection of options, and your Facebook Marketplace will open up.
  • Here you have opened up the Facebook Marketplace in your Facebook Android app. If you still can’t get a marketplace on your Facebook account after this, I would recommend that you contact Fb support inside the app via the Help & Support section.

How to fix the Facebook Marketplace not working on pc?

When you open your account, you can easily access the Marketplace via this option on the Facebook homepage, as shown in the screenshot below. Alternatively, to access the Marketplace, you can also use this link, but if you get any error while trying to access it, I would suggest contacting Facebook support. In case of an unavailable error in Facebook facing the attachment, then check it out.

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