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You must have realized that Facebook provides an awesome forum in which you can promote your company online through the business page of Facebook. Most individuals love to have their organization online. However, it is crucial that you choose the correct Facebook page form when developing a brand new Facebook profile for your company, organization, product, or brand.

So, if you select ‘Pages’ from your home screen on Facebook, and then click ‘Build Page,’ you’ll find out that there are six types of pages on Facebook. Each page has categories and advantages of its own.

This is typically the point that many people get confused since they are not sure which Facebook page type to select.

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Choosing the right page for your company is crucial because your type of page determines the information boxes that Facebook will ask you to complete while you get all the setup.

So, if you’re stuck on Facebook-style pages and don’t know which to pick, don’t worry anymore because I’ve protected you.

I will clarify the different types of Facebook pages and the categories for each of them in this article.


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Types of Facebook Page

There are six types of Facebook as explained below;


Local Business/Place page

The Local Business/Place page is a perfect page for companies operating in a specific area, such as spas, psychology clinics, or hair salons.

Input will be sought from you:

  • The name of the page, which will be the name of your business, such as “Bob’s Bait Shop.”
  • The category of the page, which can be anything from “Automotive, Aircraft or Boat” to “Petting Zoo.” You can choose pretty much anything with a wide variety of specificity. For example, you can pick “Restaurant,” or you can pick “Asian Fusion Restaurant.”
  • The street address for your local business. If you’re making a franchise page for a broader organization, make sure to specify the address of your local branch only, not your headquarters or another branch. If a user pulls up a map and puts in this address, it should take them right to your parking lot.
  • The city and state for your business. Facebook will fill these in automatically based on the location of your personal profile or the profile of whoever you’re using to make the page, but you can change it if necessary.
  • The zip code for your business. This is the same as the city and state; Facebook will auto-fill it, but you can change it.
  • The phone number for your business. Again, this should be the phone for the local branch, not for a headquarters or off-shores tech support call center. If someone calls this number, they should be directed to a representative of your business in your location.
  • You can also choose to get page tips via messenger, which is a new feature Facebook has implemented to help people set up their first page.


Artist, Band, or Figure page

For professionals who advertise themselves as their products, such as writers, business consultants, life coaches, or actors, the Artist, Band, or public figure page is a page.

Facebook personal profiles are limited to 5,000 followers, so this is the page for you whether you are a well-known public figure or are striving to be one.

Bear in mind that “using your personal profile for commercial gain” is contrary to the Facebook terms of use.


The categories you can find here are:

Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Fashion Model, Fictional Character, Film Director, Fitness Model, Government Officer, Journalist, Motivational Speaker, Movie Character, Singer, News Personality, Cat, Photographer, Political Candidate, Politician, Producer, Public Figure, Scientist, Instructor, Video Maker, and Writer.

If none of the others suits you, I suggest selecting ‘public figure.’ You can absolutely fall through the list and not find one that suits you specifically.


Brand/Product/Service page

The Brand/Product/Service page is suitable for the marketing of goods, services, or brands that do not have a physical location, such as Coca-Cola, a specific book, or a freelance massage therapist.

Categories in the ‘brand or product’ drop-down lists are:

Brand, Construction Materials, Camera/Photo, Vehicles, Clothes (Brand), Commercial Equipment, Computers (Brand), Appliances, Food & Beverage Company, Furniture, Games/Toys, Health/Beauty, Home Decor, Household Supplies, Jewelry/Watches, Kitchen/Cooking, Office Supplies, Patio/Garden, Pet Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Phone/Tablet, Items, App Page, Equipment, Baby Goods/Kids Goods, Bags/Luggage, Board Game, Brand.


Cause or Community

The most detailed of them all is the Cause or Group page. In construct a page for others that have similar ideas, interests, or characteristics that define them, the cause or group page style is often used. This type of page does not have a list of categories to choose from, unlike other types of pages.

This includes individuals that have attended a specific high school, individuals who follow a certain political value, or individuals who follow various religions.

This is NOT the perfect selection for you if you are a non-profit organization. Go back to the local business or corporation, organization, or institution and see what category can fit your organization below.

Notice, since it doesn’t have categories, the Facebook algorithm does not shine favorably on the cause or type of community page. Prior to trying this one, you are recommended to exhaust all other choices.


Entertainment page

The Entertainment page is the best website for magazines, theatrical performances, concert tours, radio, or TV shows.

Categories you will find here are:

Festival, Fictional Character, Library, Literary Arts, Magazine, Movie, Movie Character, Movie Theater, Movie/Television Studio, Music Award, Music Chart, Music Video, Performance & Event Venue, Performance Art, Performing Arts, Podcast, Radio Station, Record Label, School Sports Team, Exhibition, Song, Sports League, Sports Team, Sports Team, Album, Amateur Sports Team, Novel, Book Series, Book Store, Concert Tour.

There’s a great deal of overlap. Many of these are devoted to several sports teams, so select the most important ones.


Company, Organization, or Institution page

The business, organization, or institution page is created for major organizations such as Dangote, Nigeria Postal Service, etc. This page acts as a location for the headquarters’ corporate communications.

All Facebook asks you is for your company name and category when you press the big box to select this category.

The possible categories are:

Aerospace Company, Agricultural Company, Automobile Company, Biotechnology Company, Cargo & Freight Company, Cause, Chemical Company, College & University, Community Group, Community Services, Company, Computer Company, Consulting Agency, Education, Elementary School, Energy Company, Finance Company, Food & Beverage Company, Health & Beauty, High School, Industrial Company, Government Organization.

Some of these overlaps, as you can see. I recommend going to the one that is more accurate.


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