Facebook Dark Mode – The Facebook Dark Mode Activation

Facebook Dark Mode – The Facebook Dark Mode Activation – The dark mode of Facebook is a newly added feature that turns a shade of gray and black into the bright and white Facebook interface and Facebook messenger interface.

When you trigger Dark Mode on your Facebook Messenger FB account, everything turns black, reducing the interface’s brightness and giving it a whole new look.

As it runs on a very reduced luminosity, the dark mode interface is good for the eyes. The decreased light also helps to better preserve the battery.

This article is only for you if you want to trigger the dark mode of Facebook and the dark mode of FB messenger.

I will show you how to trigger the dark mode on your Facebook and FB Messenger account in this post.

Dark Mode on Messenger and FB

When enabled on Facebook and Facebook messenger, what the dark mode does is that it simply transforms or replaces the black color of white themes on Facebook and messenger.

This feature really brings a fresh and beautiful look to Facebook. A lot of users on Facebook really enjoy this feature a lot.

It is a very simple process to enable the dark mode on Facebook and Facebook messenger. However, if you are using the latest versions of your Facebook and Messenger apps, this function only works.

You will have to go to your app store for your mobile device and upgrade your software to the new versions if you are not using the updated version.

Then, if you don’t have the apps at all before we can continue, you might need to download and install them. I’ll be showing you how to download and install the Messenger app on your smartphone in the next section.

Facebook Messenger App Download

You can’t use Facebook Dark Mode, as I described above if you don’t have the Messenger app on your smartphone.

Therefore, the first step in using the dark mode of the Facebook messenger is to download and install on your smartphone the Messenger app.

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Follow the procedure below to download the Facebook Messenger app to your smartphone.

On your smartphone, open the app drawer.
To open the mobile store, look for the Google Play icon or the app store icon and click on it.
Next, hit the “Messenger” search bar and search.
You’d then be led to the store’s official Facebook messenger page. To begin the downloading process, find the install button and click on it.

It will be enabled automatically on your computer after the download is done. Always remember to keep the link to your data switched on until the operation is completed.

On Facebook Messenger, How to Allow Dark Mode

Activating the Dark Mode on your Facebook messenger is very fast. Notice that the option would only be accessible if it were open to you.

To activate the dark mode on your Facebook messenger app, follow the steps below.

Open the Facebook messenger app that you just downloaded and log in with your Facebook account on your mobile.
Hit your profile icon in the top left corner of the page after logging in.
To allow the dark mode, the first option under your profile photo is for you.

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