Facebook Company Profile | How to Build a Facebook Company Profile

Facebook Company Profile | How to Build a Facebook Company Profile: Do you need to log in from home, work, or another country to your Facebook business page? One more device? We have you covered. In this post, here’s a list of devices we’re going to cover:

  • Laptop – Mac computers
  • Desktop – Windows Desktop
  • Cellphone – iPhone
  • Smartphone – Android devices

Facebook Company Profile – We’ll also explore how to reach your Facebook business page from your desktop or mobile device in different regions. Depending on the case, directions vary, but certain items remain constant. For example, to access your Facebook page, regardless of which computer you are on or where you are, you have to:

  1. Check in to your Facebook account on Facebook
  2. Enable the Business Page to be accessed either as the Administrator of the Page or by the Administrator


How to Build a Facebook Company Profile

You can build one for free if you do not already have a personal Facebook profile by following these simple steps:

  1. Please go to Facebook.com
  2. Fill in the details below and tap the green Sign Up button:
  • First Name, First Name
  • Last name Last name
  • Email or cellular number
  • New password Upgraded
  • On birthday (Month, Day, Year)
  • Sex — Gender

Facebook Company Profile – You should focus on gaining access to an established Facebook Business Page for you or your boss once you have a Facebook page. For example, to build your Facebook Business Page for you, you may have hired someone like Web.com and you may be trying to get access to it. Likewise, you can work for someone who needs you to manage their business page on Facebook, in case you need to access it. Only here’s how!

How To Access Your Desktop Facebook Profile on Mac or PC (Chrome Browser)

Facebook Company Profile – When you log into your account on the Facebook website, there are four ways to access Facebook business pages.

  1. If you have already logged into Facebook, go to the Home tab and click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen. You can see the pages to which you have admin access as the drop-down menu expands.
  2. The left-hand column of your Facebook interface under the “Explore” section is another way to access your accounts. Click the Pages button with the tiny flag icon, and it lists all of them for you:

You’ll see the page below as seen. Click on whatever business page on Facebook you want to access.

  1. On the menu at the top right, above your contacts, your pages are listed.
  2. Inside your home feed, just to the right of the news feed, you can also access your sites.

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How to navigate a mobile device’s Facebook Business Page (iPhone Instructions)

  1. Download the Facebook Pages Admin app for free
  2. Sign on to your Facebook profile on Facebook
  3. The drop-down menu will list any Facebook pages you have admin access to.

Click on the three black lines (also called the “hamburger menu”) in the lower right-hand corner of the screen of your mobile phone if you are still on Facebook. Then, on the next screen that says My Pages, select the first option. Pick the Facebook business page you want to look at from the list on the third screen. Facebook Company Profile

Notice that to access the Facebook Pages Manager app, you must be linked to Wi-Fi or have cellular coverage.

How to Navigate Your Mobile Facebook Company profile (Android Instructions)

  1. Download the Pages Manager app for Facebook (free)
  2. Sign on to your Facebook profile on Facebook
  3. On the upper right side of your phone screen, press the hamburger menu.
  4. On the next tab, scroll down a bit until you see the Pages section.
  5. From the list, pick your page

Often, if the page you’re trying to reach isn’t made, the Facebook GUI won’t display the page. If that’s happening, this short video has a solution.

How to access a business page for a particular area on Facebook (Desktop Instructions)

For various geographic areas, global brands often have different versions of the same website. So, even for the same business, the Facebook page you see in one nation will be different from the Facebook page you see in another country.

The version of the Facebook business page that you pick on your desktop will be the version that you see on your smartphone app for Facebook. In your News Feed and when you visit the business page itself, you’ll be able to see it.

To alter the page region on a desktop computer:

  1. Select •• (the three dots) below the cover photo of the page
  2. Pick “Region Switch”
  3. Pick the country you want for the page as the default.
  4. Click Save Preference Click

Please note that you can still receive updates on the country you visited after you return home if you like a page while you are abroad. Only follow the above directions again to avoid those messages and turn the page back to your home country.

How to access a business page for a particular area on Facebook (Mobile Instructions)

On the Facebook Mobile app, you won’t be able to move regions on the Facebook Company Page.

In the Facebook mobile app, the “switch region” feature is not included in the drop-down menu when you visit the Facebook Business Page. So, when you want to change the region settings for a website, use your desktop computer. Facebook Company Profile

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