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Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Review on iPad: In the film’s timeline, Gameloft’s Avatar does not take place. Instead, it is set two decades earlier and follows Ryan Lorenz’s exploits, the first member of the Avatar program to give control of a genetically modified Na’vi husk to humans. Over time, however, Lorenz goes rogue and sides with the Navi against the human pirates. Ryan is sent to the planet Pandora to help a large company plunder it for the ridiculously called “unobtainium.” There is a fable here about the exploitation of indigenous peoples and misuse of the environment, but the game of Gameloft sticks to action, action, action.

Fbook Avatar Review on iPad

As a Navi, you visit the lush jungles of Pandora, fighting back, at first, against aggressive wildlife. You’ll win a Navi staff and bow soon, though. You’re fighting human troops, mechanics, and flying machines before long. Avatar straddles many gameplay mechanics from on-foot exploration and platforming to flight sequences on the back of a dragon-like Banshee. You gather wisps traded in for upgrades such as extra health and more powerful attacks as you venture through Pandora. The slight nuances of attack combos are also learned, tapping buttons in rhythm to unleash powerful moves.

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Avatar’s best idea, without a doubt, is the village of Navi, which functions like an open-world center. Here, for the Navi, you carry on smaller missions, including scouting and gathering. There is a lot to do at the center, and you gain greater empathy for their plight by engaging with the various Navi. With more and more features opening up as you take on quests, the hub also develops as you play, and I loved the horse-like creature you use to fly. If Gameloft ever played another Avatar game, the graceful horse will have a more significant role to play.

Combat, particularly compared to the series of sights and challenges you get elsewhere, such as on the Banshee or in the village of Navi, is very one-note. To give it some semblance of variety, Gameloft added a battle combo system I listed earlier, but you do not need to use any combo moves. Until your target is dead, you can only keep the attack button down. When there is no impetus to use it, why bring in a combo system?

Unfortunately, when Gameloft ported Avatar to the iPad, none of the minor technological problems with an occasional unfriendly camera were resolved. But the introduction of more serious snafus like repeat crashes and stick controls is much more troublesome for this iPad port, though. On numerous occasions, the virtual stick would freeze, leaving my Na’vi running against a wall in place, as pictured below. These require an Avatar hard reset to repair them—they do not iron out on their own. (Interestingly enough, I have encountered this same issue with Dungeon Hunter’s Gameloft iPad port.)

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Low-res textures spread over the sharp edges of characters and environments leave Avatar looking like a PSone game at points, really downgrading the whole experience, combined with bland improved visuals. Hopefully, since they are a much better developer/publisher than this, Gameloft will start producing more than rushed iPhone-to-iPad ports shortly.


While it provides several hours of play and has some good ideas, such as the Navi village center world, Avatar is much harder to recommend this time around than it was last December. Avatar for the iPad is a bad game, but it loses the focus of the iPhone version on the bigger screen. Plus, from a $10 game now, technological issues from the lousy camera to crashes are hard to embrace.

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