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Buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace Garage

Buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace Garage

Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace Garage – I have some Facebook Marketplace Selling Tips if you want to purge your house and earn some cash while you are at it so that you can make the most of this online yard sale site.

Since we live in a fixer-upper house and are on a tight budget, selling any things we no longer use is my best choice. Here is how we pay for this; tell me about the plants for our front yard idea.

Facebook Marketplace Garage Sale – There is, of course, a typical choice for garage sales, but it is quite an ordeal and sometimes does not produce much for the effort you put in. I have used eBay, but I am typically not thrilled by the shipping choice. For the most part, before Facebook threw its hat in the ring, Craigslist was my best choice.


It’s easy to sell on Facebook, so individuals don’t have to go to another website, making it very popular for buyers and sellers.

Facebook Marketplace Garage Sale – Here’s how to proceed if you haven’t been to the Facebook Marketplace yet. At the right, click the third icon from the top (it’s a building with an awning). It will display things in your region for sale. There’s a Sale button at the end. Once chosen, you will then have to select objects, cars, lodging, jobs. You add your photo, title, price, type, location, and description to the product.


Buy and sell online | 5 Ways to Buy and Sell on the Facebook Marketplace

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PHOTO-Take a clear/bright photo; if necessary, several pics. I would recommend that there be no extra things in the picture so that someone can see what you are selling. Take the shot from a distance, too. If you retake it, close up, the picture crops in the Marketplace, and someone may not be able to say what it is at first glance.
ITEMS-Is selling or donating worth it? To see if your item is selling, you can search for products online.
PRICE-You wants to price it to sell, of course, but you also want to make the most of the item. My advice is to find a scale (large to low) of what you want. It should be priced at the top of the plate and lower if appropriate.
Description-Ensure that you write a description with as much information as you have. People may want to understand all the specifics (like measurements) and use keywords such as “style of the farmhouse.” Instead of a windmill, others will opt for a farmhouse.
PICKUP-Decide where you are going to meet in advance. Are you going to make people come to your home or are you going to go to a public place? When you come home, make sure that it is easy for the person to get to your home (clear directions, etc.)
Groups: Enter local sale groups on Facebook, and up to 10 groups can be available for your item. After, you can add your listing to the groups and the Marketplace when you go to list your item. Be sure to follow the rules for each party.
RENEW-You can renew the list of products up to 5 times. After that, I suggest donating it if it isn’t available anymore.


You can struggle with the platform if you get discouraged by flaky individuals. I don’t know what it is, but if I had a dollar for all those who were wondering, “Is that available?” And after I said yes, and never did anything, I would be RICH!
One idea a vendor had when many products were listed was that they had one central location, and days and times were arranged, i.e., Pickups on Thursday and Saturday from 11-11:30 am at X place. It was so thoughtful. His prices were excellent, so he could tell people that you can get it here if you want it.
If you don’t get the lowest offer, know if you would like to donate. I recently had someone ask me to take $40 for a $75 item after, arranged a time to get the item. Honestly, I would have preferred to donate the product and tell the buyer that.
Finally, don’t bring customers into an unpleasant situation. I went to buy a piece of furniture once and was told by the Gentleman to help him move it from the back of the house (backyard). Yeah, that’s been a no. I asked if anyone could go with us or if he had someone to help him carry it, and he looked confused. Pickups are better monitored at home, and best if you can only meet upfront.


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