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There are sometimes where you have encountered issues with Facebook login. The login page will appear, you proceed to type in your Facebook account’s username and password, and you click on the ‘Log in’ button. The web page then  changes to white and loads for ages as well.  You cannot fully access the Facebook login page or the Facebook homepage, either.  In such scenario, what should you do?  Read: The 6 Quick steps to login Facebook Account Can’t Log In Facebook? Below is a step by step guide that will help resolve problems with Facebook login in your  corner and you can be rest assured that you can login to your Facebook account and  communicate with close your friends and also talk to your Facebook calls.  Check whether Facebook is down for every individual or just you  … Read more

YouTube’s Premieres Gets an Upgrade


Yesterday, YouTube released three new features designed to enhance its “Premieres” experience, including previews, themes, and live stream “pre-shows” that will be redirected to the main event. Premieres, which first arrived in 2018, was designed to offer creators the opportunity to exploit the revenue-generating capabilities that come with live videos without ever needing to go … Read more

Hot Happy Birthday Wishes & Text Messages

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Hot Happy Birthday Messages And Birthday Wishes For October 2022: Happy Birthday Wishes SMS And Text Messages You Can Send To Anyone Born In January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. You can send these beautiful hot cake happy birthday wishes below to your boss, crush, son, daughter, In-law, friends, girlfriend (GF), boyfriend (bf), family, relatives, husband, wife, enemies, governors, presidents, senators, house help and loved ones through social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, … Read more

Sweetest Happy New Month Wishes

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Sweetest Happy New Month Wishes   Send November 2022 Happy New Month Wishes to your friends, mom, dad, Brother, Sister, Pastor, Girlfriend, Boyfriend on WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, Instagram, and Facebook. See: Birthday Message For Myself – Happy Birthday Wishes to My Dearest Self If finding the Best Happy New Month Messages for November is your challenge, worry no more … Read more

Instagram Login With Fb Via Instagram Mobile App in 2020

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Lots of Instagram users have absolutely no idea about Facebook’s Instagram login.  As a matter of fact, many users of Instagram have no idea that Instagram links to Facebook. Not to mention, Instagram app users who are in this group don’t know what  they’re missing. Well the advantages of the Ig login with Facebook account process are  included in this post.    Facebook Instagram Login – Smartphone & Web Instagram  One other way an Instagram user will carry out the Instagram sign in process is to login to Facebook. This ensures that an Instagram user would be able  to access their Instagram account using their Facebook account. Users who want to use  this Instagram sign in method also need to attach their Instagram account to their active  Facebook account.  Read: Instagram login issues, what to do? Benefits of using Facebook to login to Instagram    In reality, with Facebook, logging in to Instagram comes with several advantages that a user of Instagram will enjoy. The other Instagram login process is hardly done  by Instagram users who login to Instagram using Facebook. Users using Facebook’s Ig  login complain that logging in with an Instagram username and password is always slow.  That is to say, Facebook’s Instagram login is more convenient.    It is also worthy to mention that it gives users the option to follow their Facebook friends  on Instagram by linking Instagram with Facebook. Users get to connect on Facebook with  … Read more

Instagram Login Old Version | Instagram Login Homepage in 2021

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There are lots of social media websites that are full of fun, and one of the most popular is  Instagram. For video and photo posting and sharing, Instagram is popular.  Images and videos are shared by uploading them through phone, and Instagram Login  with Facebook Account can also be accessed through the use of smart phones devices or your computer.    Instagram is a social media platform where you get to meet people all over the world, connect and communicate with them. It is also for photo and video sharing.  … Read more

Dating On Facebook Messenger | Facebook Messenger For Dating this 2020

Facebook Dating Single – Facebook Dating App | Is Facebook Dating App Available

Dating on Facebook Messenger | Facebook Messenger for Dating this 2020: Facebook is about to launch its “virtual dating” for Facebook Dating users on Messenger – Very soon, Facebook is going to allow its users to go on “virtual dates,” announced today by the company.  As a substitute to going on a real life date, the social network has planned to introduce a new video calling feature that which will enable users of the Facebook Dating service to connect and video call over Messenger.  In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic which has forced people to stay home and also practice social distancing, this type of feature is much in demand.    Read: How to Download Facebook dating App But then, it is a major challenge for online business dating apps, which aim to connect  people  in the real world.    Facebook to launch ‘Virtual Dating’ for Facebook Dating Users over Messenger  … Read more