Disable Twitter Account

Disable Twitter Account: Deactivating your account will “turn off” your account for up to thirty days, at which point it will be deleted. This is a great way to keep yourself from thinking about it, but protects your account for when you need it again. Note: If you are having an account issue (e.g. missing Tweets, incorrect follower … Read more

Add Friends on Facebook

Add Friends on Facebook: Facebook can be really boring without friends, its actually friends who upload all those statuses, photos, videos and chats that keeps your page all busy and Facebook is made fun. Adding friends on Facebook involves a process of sending and receiving friend requests and we would be showing you how to add … Read more

How Do You Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

How Do You Recover Deleted Facebook Messages: We have all at one time or another deleted a Facebook message we intended to keep maybe accidentally. Its not much of a big deal, in this tutorial we would go over how to recover deleted Facebook messages from your downloaded archive.   If you think you’ve deleted … Read more

How to Clear Notifications on Android

Notifications is a feature that you can turn on or off. It will notify you the moment there is any activity taken on Facebook that involves you.The notifications will be send to the email address that you registered on your profile. You can’t turn off notifications entirely, but you can adjust how and what you’re … Read more

Delete Facebook Business Page

Delete Facebook Business Page: Deleting your Facebook page is not usually the easiest thing to do. To be able to perform this action, you will have to be an administrator of the page. So as to avoid a Fan page, loosing all of it’s audience due to some malicious acts or even accidental deletion. Facebook would … Read more

Who Blocked me on Facebook App

Who Blocked me on Facebook App: Do you sometimes wonder if someone blocked you on Facebook? If yo no longer see their posts or profile, it could be they blocked you or they deleted their account.This article would teach you how to know whether a person blocked you on Facebook or simply removed you from … Read more

How to Change the Birth Date in Facebook

There was probably something that happened when you first created your Facebook account and you had a mix up with your birth date. Facebook allows you to change your birth date, with just a few requirements. Also bear in mind that you can also hide your birth date, if you don’t want it displayed on … Read more

Memory Video on Facebook

People often look back at old photos and other memories they’ve shared on Facebook, and many have told us that they enjoy products and features that make this easier. Every day millions of people reminisce about the moments they’ve shared on Facebook, and research suggests this kind of reflection can have a positive impact on … Read more