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BMW Credit Card Center gives access to all its customers to make MyBMWcard for all businesses by using their credit card online and visiting There are four membership cards provided by BMW Visa Credit Card for Customers, which are mainly BMW Credit Card, BMW Card for Motorrad, BMW Signature Card, and BMW Ultimate Card.

Mybmwcard Offers

Members having these memberships can initiate their card, become able to login to their online account, and benefit from the online services provided by the Bank. There is also helpline to help the new customers enable them to process the application online.

BMW Credit Card

BMW Credit Card provides many advantages without any yearly fee. You can use the card for digital purchases like shopping, redeeming the BMW Reward points to get rewards like BMW Center Rewards, BMW Financial Service Reward, and BMW Vehicle Rewards, and many more.


BMW Signature Card

The signature card can go a long way to provide a more tremendous experience with a yearly fee of $75. When you make an online purchase using this card, you then utilize your BMW Reward points to get benefit from these rewards like airline tickets, rent a car, and stay at hotels and cruises.


BMW Ultimate Card

BMW Credit card has an extraordinary performance on all the above. It places you in the driver’s seat by making affiliate and having an annual fee of $75. You can make your transactions using the card and get the reward points the same as provided by BMW Signature Card.

BMW Card for Motorrad

It has no annual fee but facilitates the financial flexibility to earn the BMW Rewards, which will go with your lifestyle.

There are various features through which customers are facilitated, like checking the account statement, bank fund transfers, view and download the transaction details, managing accounts, create alerts, etc. The MyBMWcard is issued by BMW Bank of North America, which is a subsidiary of BMW Financial Services licensed wit Visa USA Inc.

How to activate MyBMWcard

If you have gotten a BMW Credit Card, the next step is to activate it. You can activate it online by following some easy steps. Firstly, visit the website then go to the activation page. It will ask you to enter some necessary information like

  • Your account number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Last four digits of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • The expiry date of Card
  • 3-digit CVC/CVV Number, which is present on the back of the card.


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How to Enroll in BMW Account online

If you are done with your card activation, then there is another choice to register with online services provided by the bank.

You can create an online account to use the card over the internet competently. To complete the registration process, you have to follow some simple and quick steps.

First, visit the website and click the tab “Enroll in Online Services,” which is present on top of the homepage.

When you are on the registration page, it will ask you to enter the information again, which you have entered in the activation form with some added information like your mother’s middle name and email id.

After entering the required information, please click the “Submit” button.

How to login BMW Online Account?

After creating the online account at MyBMWcard website, you can login by entering your username and password in the required fields and then click the login button. It will take you to an online account profile page.

How to retrieve the password if you forgot it?

If you are trying to login your BMW Credit Card online account but have forgotten the password, then you can reset it by clicking the link given below the login button. It will ask you to enter some information.

  • Your account number
  • Your name
  • Last four digits of Social Security Number
  • Date of card expiration
  • CVV Number

You can pay your credit card bills online by using BMW Credit Card. If you are interested in paying your bill online, then you must link your credit card with your bank account and set up for online payment by the essential information, and the estimated amount will be debited from your bank account.

Pay online on the website.

You have two options to pay the MyBMWcard credit card bills.

Recurring payment

If you would like to pay at once, then visit the website and login to your account. Go to the payment service tab and pay the estimated amount along with other necessary details. You can also select the recurring payment option to pay the bills automatically on a specified date.

Payment by phone

BMW Card customers can also pay their bills by calling at 1-888-BMW-Card and ask the representative at the call center to settle the bill.

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