How To See Who is Following You On Facebook


How To See Who’s Following You On Facebook – Just follow the easy steps below, and YOU can see who is checking out your Facebook:

Step 1: Log into your Facebook Page (Using Chrome works best)

Step 2: Right click anywhere on the page

Step 3: Click “View Page Source”. It will look something like this:
How To See Who's Following You On Facebook
Step 4: Use “Command-F” to bring up the find feature

Step 5: Type in “initialchatfriendslist”

Step 6: Following that phrase, you will see a list of numbers, many of them 10-15 digits, followed by “-2” (Ex: [“InitialChatFriendsList”,[],{“list”:[“1697050498-2″,”648615893-2″,”1193330114-2”, etc….

Step 7: Type in into your browser and paste that number (Without the -2). It will look something like


Note: The first number is the person highest on the list, second number is 2nd, and so on…

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