How To Advertise On Facebook For Free – How To Advertise My Business On Facebook For Free – Buy and Sell Group on Facebook – Marketplace on Facebook

Our today article is how to advertise on Facebook for free. What do you understand by the term, so many people think that a person can only advertise of Facebook only if he or she is qualified to provide all the requirements? Like paying for the advert, you do not need to make any payment to advertise on Facebook it is totally free for any business owners who wish to use Facebook as their marketing platform. They are different ways on how to advertise on Facebook for free.

How to Advertise on Facebook For Free

You can advertise on Facebook through the marketplace on Facebook and it is free, you don’t need to pay for it. You can also do the same on Facebook buy and sell groups, it is also free to use. And the last place where you can advertise on Facebook for free is on your business page or other pages on Facebook. With these, you can now know that Facebook advertising is totally free. So let go into this article more, because after reading these you will want to know how to advertise on Facebook for free that is why I brought out this article below for you to read.

How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook for free

This side of the article is the most interesting part. Every business owner will want to know how they can advertise their business on Facebook for free. And the business men and women that have been advertising their business on Facebook has made it up to the sky. You can also make your business go up to the sky too if you know how you can advertise your business on Facebook. Let I said on the first article that they are ways which you can advertise your business on Facebook for free which I listed on it. You can just scroll up and look at them again.

Marketplace – Marketplace Facebook

What you need to do is to go to your Facebook and click “see more” on the left column options below. Then you will see the marketplace tab, click on it and you will be directed to a new page where you can sell or buy. What you should do is to follow the no-screen instructions and you will be able to advertise your business or self your business. But in case you do not find the marketplace tab on your Facebook account, that means the marketplace is not accessible in your location or region. But there is also a way you can advertise on Facebook for free, which I am going to tell you about now.

Buy and Sell Group on Facebook – Marketplace on Facebook

You know that I have listed all these options at every first paragraph that begins this article. Facebook buy and sell groups are also free for business advertising too. All it takes from you is that you need to access the buy and sell groups first and here is how you can do it. Go to your facebook account and click on the search bar and search for any buy and sell or marketing groups and join. Before you can be able to advertise on it, their need to accept your request first and it may take some time or days before they can accept it. After they might have accepted it, go to the group and click on the comment box and post a photo of your business or product.

You can sell on it by clicking on the “sell something” tab and list about your product and click post. Note: in other to carry out all these things you have to create an account or log into your Facebook account first if you already have an account. But if you don’t have you can equally visit the URL Facebook and follow the steps from there on and you will be able to create your Facebook account.

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