Google Ads Cost – All You Need to Know About the Google Ads Cost


Google Ads Cost – All You Need to Know About the Google Ads Cost

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How much does Google Ads Cost? That is actually a reasonable question, and it is one being asked especially by new users on the system. Well, these new users are so interested and anxious to know much they will be prompted to pay in order to advertise their brand on the Google platform. And if they can even afford it!

Google Ads Cost - All You Need to Know About the Google Ads Cost

However, there is no easy answer to this unending question, the common answer you can ever get is “It depends”. The Google Ads Cost actually depends on various factors – which are liable to change at any time. Well in this article, I will explain every detail you need to know about this topic

Below I will be covering most of the important parts regarding the cost of ads. I will also list out the factors of the ads on Google, how the budget is being spent and how these factors can have an effect on your market.

How Google Ads Work

Before going deep into how much these ads would cost you, it is important that you know some basic information on how the Google Ads feature work so you can understand the cost.

Google Ads works so much like an auction. Here are the processes;

  1. First of all, the user types in a keyword or a phrase into the search bar. This is known as a search query.
  2. Google will then decide if the search query contains a word that involves the product or brand you have advertised
  3. If more than one brand or business is offering payment on the same keyword that the user searched for, then Google starts an auction. This auction will determine where your advertisement is placed. This process is also known as “ad rank”.

This is the basic information and process you need to be aware of before you have to know the cost of the Ads.

Average Google Ads Cost Per Click

I know this is the moment you have been waiting for. Well, now that you are aware of Google’s bidding/auction system. You may still be wondering the cost of your advertisement on Google. Although, it is not easy to determine. Because there are different factors that have an effect on the final cost of your Google Ads.

Generally, the Google Ads Cost depends on the product intent of the particular keywords you want to offer payment for. What I mean is this. If other brands or business are offering payment for the same keyword as you, then the cost is likely to be higher.

The more competition there is for your market keyword, the more you keep spending on your Google Ads. That is why it is so necessary to think of how competitive these keywords can be when planning your budget and developing a strategy.

Finally, if I am to say the cost. It will cost between 1 dollar or 2 dollars on the search network and on Google display of ads, it is around 1 dollar. As I said before, the higher the competition for your market, the higher the cost.


Gmail Login – SignIn to your Gmail Account? logon to Gmail on PC Or mobile

Gmail login- This is an article that seeks to inform you on the easiest way to log into your gmail account in 2019.
There has been a lot of improvement to Gmail in the last few months, and this has greatly impacted on communication. Now, messages can be sent at an easier and more convenient way.

Gmail Account Sign in – How to Log into Gmail?

Below we are going to be outlining how you can easily sign into your Gmail account, depending on which device you are currently using.

Login Gmail Through Computer

On your computer, enter in a browser.
Enter your Google Account email and password. You can also use your phone number instead of your email if you have that setup.
If you are directed to a page about Gmail, you’ll find the sign in link at the top-right corner of the page.

How to sign out or Logout From Computer

On your computer, you can easily sign out by clicking your photo on the top right corner. Then click the Sign Out button.

Android Device (Smartphone or Tablet)

Download the latest version of the Gmail app. Click here to go straight to Google Play Store’s Gmail page.
On your phone or tablet, open the Gmail app.
Click on Menu, which you’ll find at the top left corner.
On the right of where it says your username, tap the down arrow.
Click on Add Account
Choose the type of account that you would like to add.
Follow the on-screen instructions to add your account to the app.
After you have completed, you’ll be automatically signed into Gmail any time you open Gmail on your device.


The BEST way to LOGOUT or sign out of the Gmail app is to remove your account from your phone or tablet.

How to Login Gmail On iPhone and iPad

  • On your device, download the Gmail app from the App Store.
  • Open the app and click on Menu, which should be on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on your account address.
  • Click on Manage accounts and then add account.
  • Enter your Gmail username and password in the designated fields.
  • Once your account is added, you will be signed on automatically every time you open the app.
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