Facebook wont let me add Someone

Facebook wont let me add Someone
Facebook wont let me add Someone
Why does the Facebook ‘add friend’ button disappear sometimes?

Caroline Austin, works at American Psychological Association (2017-present) ·
“Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your account at all! In general, any online account, such as a bank, shopping, can be customized through settings. Facebook is no different and allows one to change their profile settings as per one’s preferences. Hence the appearance of the button depends on the profile settings and the limitations of Facebook.

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The known possibilities for the button’s disappearance are:
• The profile has changed settings such that people can’t add them as a friend. The only way to connect is to ask them to add you if they know you.
• When you don’t have any friend in common, the button will not appear. You have to add a friend who already exists in their friend list to be able to send a request to them. You might also want to know how to hack facebook account.
• Facebook limits the amount of friends per profile can have. Therefore, if their profile exceeds this limitation any more friend requests cannot be accepted. And, they cannot send a friend request to you as well; to do that, they will have to remove some people from their existing friend list.
• Facebook has “spam” feature that avoids unknown people from sending friend requests again and again. In this case, only they are able to send a friend request to you and unless they un-spam your profile you would not be able to send a friend request.”
Source: Why didn’t the “Add Friend” button on Facebook profile page appear?

There are 4 possibilities:
1) The person has changed his settings (Account settings) such that nobody can send a friend request, but that person can send to others.
2) That person has exceeded the amount of friends and therefore cannot accept any more friend requests. (In this case, even they cannot send a friend request to you – to do that,they will have to remove some people from the existing list)
3) Facebook has inserted another feature, to avoid unknown people from sending friend requests again and again. If you have sent a friend request to them once (and if they rejected and marked you as “spam”), then you would not be able to send a friend request to them again, however they are able to send a friend request to you.
4) You don’t have any mutual friends, in that case you will not be provided with the add friend option. In such cases, you will be able to message them.

Mwine Isaac Norman, Facebook user from day one Facebook was launched. Active member of over 70 socs ·
Facebook gives users only two options for the audiences from whom they can receive friend requests. That is, from public and from friends of friends. One can not completely shut out all friend requests as I have seen some answers suggest here.
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If you can’t find the “Add friend” button, it gives you two clues,
1) You don’t have even a single mutual friend
2) The person you are viewing has restrive privacy settings such that only friends of friends add him/her.
Facebook administration advises that if you feel you know the person outside facebook, send them an introduction message first and ask them to add you. Now my opinion, if you feel you badly want to send the request yourself, look through that person’s friends list(if it’s visible to you) and then add anyone of his friends. On accepting your request, You will have established a common friend with the person you were initially trying to add and thus attained the qualification given in the privacy settings of only receiving from friends of friends.

At that instant, the “add friend” button will appear. Do the adding and problem is solved.

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