Facebook Jail – What is Facebook Jail | How to Avoid Facebook Jail – How Long Does It Take to Be Free from Facebook Jail?


Have ever come across the word Facebook jail before, if no, in this article, you are going to know what it is all about. This is a state of punishing someone from taking part in some activities or block you from accessing the platform. If you are in Facebook jail you cannot log in or create a new Facebook account using your image. Once you create a new account with your image, you will directly block that account all because you are in Facebook jail.
Facebook Jail - What is Facebook Jail | How to Avoid Facebook Jail

Facebook is a social networking media that allows sharing your photos, video clips and your favorite moments on Facebook for free with your family and friend. You can watch short and interesting video clips on Facebook for free and also download to your device to be seen later or shared with friends. You can also buy and sell on Facebook marketplace app. There is a game room on Facebook, where you can play, invite and compete with family and friends.

How to Avoid Facebook Jail?

To avoid Facebook jail. You have to avoid so many things on Facebook, things that go against Facebook security. You will find some of the things that can take you to Facebook jail and how you can avoid them below this article;

  • Avoid using fake names in creating your Facebook account.
  • Do not involve yourself in rapid posting such as posting one particular content every time.
  • Do not send rapid request e.g. adding friends that you do not know or friends that Facebook does not allow to be added.
  • Posting or sharing offensive content or photos.
  • Avoid sending promotional content to people at the same time without their consent.
  • Do not join groups that are filled with scams and fraud stars.
  • Avoid copying someone post or photo to repost it in your news feed.
  • By verifying your Facebook account with your mobile number.
  • Schedule your time of posting.

If you follow the guidelines above. You will not be able to enter a Facebook jail or being block by Facebook.

How Long Does It Take to Be Free from Facebook Jail?

For you to get out of this jail do not take a long time. And you must avoid creating a new account on Facebook because the more you keep creating an account the more the time goes up. It only takes three {3} to seven {7} days and with a maximum of twenty-one {21} days.

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