Facebook Hoax – Type Gratula


Facebook users security has become a thing of utmost concern among the users. A message is being shared widely on the social media site, which asks a user to type ‘Gratula in the comment
sections, and if the word turns Red then the profile is secure and if not, it is hacked. Truth be told, this message is nothing but a hoax.

Facebook Hoax - Type Gratula

A Post is viral that Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg, created a new word GRATULA. To keep your account secure, type GRATULA in the comment. If it turns Red, your account is still secure, If it does not change to Red, Please change your password. Your account is already hacked”

It’s gone viral globally in different languages, with More than 4000 shares

But the truth is, Neither he “created” nor is this a “new” word. This is just a Hungarian word meaning “Kudos” in English and like other special words e.g. congratulations etc, Facebook colors this word also so it stands out in entire text and catches the attention of the reader.

In similar fashion, Gratula turns to red as it symbolizes a special word. So there is no truth or its connection to your profile’s security. Facebook has already implemented some new security measures post the scandal.

Please Do not fall prey to such Hoaxes.

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