FACEBOOK FRIENDS’ REQUEST SENT LIST: Facebook permits users to send out friend’s request to other people on the platform which needs to be accepted by the other users to simply have access to all their posts, picture uploads, remarks and other things on their profile if restricted. Most Facebook users have made it an habit to sending friend’s request to virtually everyone that is suggested to them or each person they encounter which in turn makes some people leave a friend request pending as it is supposedly the respectful move than simply ignoring the request. With time this requests get piled up and one may wish to see what pending friend requests they have, so in today’s article we will show you just how easy it is to access your pending Facebook friends request list.

FACEBOOK FRIENDS REQUEST SENT LIST Follow these easy steps to simply access your Friends request list

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  • Initially if you are not logged in, simply log in to your Facebook account.
  • From your Facebook profile, Click on the friend icon located at the top of your Facebook page Select “Find Friends.”

  • Once you click on the find friends link, a page will load with the list of all the user who have sent you friend’s request.
  • At the top of this list, you will see a link/button which states “View Sent Requests”.

  • Click that link and you’ll see the list of your pending friend’s request.

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  • That’s just how easy it is to access the list of your friend’s request and the next decision lies in your hand whether to accept the request or cancel it, to do this, simply click on the “Friend Request Sent” button beside the person’s name and select the cancel your request option.

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