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Change Business Name on FacebookIf after you have created your Facebook change and for certain reasons , you want to change the name of your page. Facebook has provided a way for you to change your page name. However, finding it can be a bit challenging. In this article, we would be going through easy steps, to help you change your business name on Facebook.

Steps to Change Business Name on Facebook
  • Login to Facebook with an account that has admin rights to the page.
  • Select the arrow icon located at the upper-right corner of the page, then choose the business page you wish to change.
  • Once on the business page, in the left pane select the “See more” link.
  • Select “About” in the left pane, then choose the “Edit” link next to the name you wish to change.
  • Enter a “New Page Name“ and  select “Continue“.
Facebook may need to review changes you have made, to ensure it meets their guidelines. Your new business name may be required to be similar to the previous one or it may be rejected. It’s also likely to be rejected, if it appears as spam, is controversial or contains abusive words.
If your new page name is rejected because it’s too different from the original name, you will likely be required to set up a new page for your business.
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