Prices of Foreign Used Cars in Cotonou ▷ Latest Update


Prices of Foreign Used Cars in Cotonou 2019 ▷ Latest Update.

Prices of Second Hand/Tokunbo/Belgium/Cotonou Cars in Nigeria… In this article, you will learn more about the updated price list of foreign used Europe and American cars shipped from Cotonou to Nigeria.

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Prices of Foreign Used Cars in Cotonou 2019

The list on this article provides the current 2019 average prices of foreign used cars bought directly from Cotonou or shipped from Europe and America. Cars imported into Nigeria are generally cleaner and more expensive as most times they have been used by only one person and on good roads.

Note that prices of cars generally vary depending on the condition of the car: Its neatness, mileage, engine strength, year of manufacture and other factors, therefore in reality the sale price of a car might be slightly above or below the stated ranges but I have made sure that these price ranges are as accurate as possible.

The years stated in the post are the same model of a car e.g Toyota Corolla 2003 – 2005: 2003,2004 & 2005 models have the same shape but with minor differences.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices of foreign used/tokunbo cars have risen by almost double due to the increased customs tariff on imported vehicles and the high Naira to Dollar exchange rate. All prices are in Naira

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